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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I apologise if something similar already exists and if this is not the correct place to post this. I have written this extremely simple console-line application for Windows that will automatically switch Exclusive Mode in your Rocksmith 2014 settings to on or off. This was meant for streamers (like me) so that they can allow streaming and then get latency-free input when they're done. It doesn't need installing: you just double click on the program and you're done. The repository is here: https://github.com/Rhystic1/Rocksmith2014_ToggleExclusiveMode For now the program will only work if you have installed Rocksmith 2014 in its default location. I will soon implement a failsafe, but it's late night and I need to get some sleep! Any comment or contribution is very appreciated :)
  2. Howdy. Simple question but I have no answer. Windows will interrupt the game for a microsecond, the cursor will appear and then it'll stutter for a small amount of time, usually really messing with my flow. Is there a way to keep windows from doing anything else or change the priority mode of Rsmith so that this doesn't occur? It doesn't happen in any other games that constantly use the mouse. It just seems that it tries to find something, forget it was playing a game and forgets to hide the cursor and then trips over its own genitals. I don't believe it's hardware System: Windows 10 Student up to date 3.5ghz i5 16gb ram installed on m.200 windows drive (possible access timing issue? but it happened on my other ssd's and sata spinners) legit copy of Rsmith 2014 Remastered I hate ubisoft with a passion and wish any other game company would come out with this product. playing with cable, will happen with solo or multiplayer using two cables. plugged into usb3 level sockets occurs about once every 7-8 minutes, in song or not. If it has happened recently, it also might not happen for a few of those cycles mentioned. What else do people need now for troubleshooting?
  3. 1. I purchased on remastered Steam Rocksmith 2014 Edition 2. I downloaded D3DX9_42.dll and copied it to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Rocksmith2014 3. I purchased and installed it on Steam cherubrock (as indicated in the guide) and in the dlc folder I now also have: cherubrock_m.psarc cherubrock_p.psarc 4. downloaded from customforge the file: Dream-Theater_The-Best-of-Times-only_v1.0_p.psarc 5. I restarted the pc 6. I launched Rocksmith from the Steam icon on the desktop. PROBLEM: When I go to the song (The best of times) I see only the crates and the game does not even allow me to go back with the ESC key. With normal dlcs already in play, everything works perfectly. I have uninstalled and installed rocksmith from Steam twice but nothing has changed. I have windows 10 Professional. Can you please help me out I'm crazy? Thank you all! Luigi.
  4. Hey Guys, iam just started with Custom DLCs today and its workingy pretty good but i have one question. I was wondering because I cant download offical DLCs ? Is this normal or am i doing sth wrong? Because a friend of mine, i know for sure, he has some Official DLCs from here. For example Fear of the Dark from Iron Maiden. Thanks for the answers :)
  5. Hey there, i'm still having trouble to get the new .dll file to work with Rocksmith 2014 Remastered. I downloaded it from the original post and double checked the name. I placed it in the root folder and unblocked it from the properties. I also have the no cable launcher but I get the same results when using the original launcher. I will also add screenshots. Please ask for more screenshots if they are necessary for you. I'm completely confused here and i'm at the point to refund the product (I'm exaggerating, don't take it too serious :P). Screenshots: -Root Folder -DLC Folder
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