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Found 3 results

  1. Hello dear forum mates. My issue is with a specific CDLC song: Itoshisa wa fuhai ni tsuki - dir en grey When I try to select a certain part to practice in riff repeater i cant select it at all. Oddly enough it works when i select lead guitar and NOT rhythm guitar. I think its the c.psarc file itself. Its called DIR-EN-GREY_Itoshisa-wa-Fuhai-ni-Tsuki_v1_p.psarc and i found it here on the forum. I've really wanted to learn the riffs of this song for years and now when i finally got the chance i cant repeat the riffs! PLS HALP
  2. I have been slowly working on more and more customs and its time to arrange them in a thread like this. Feel free to drop requests and I will add them to my to do list at my discretion. I am planning on charting most of DIR EN GREY's discography but am not limited to just that band. Currently Working on: None - Correcting old CDLC COMPLETED DIR EN GREY - Rotting Root DIR EN GREY - Embryo DIR EN GREY - Asunaki Koufuku Koenaki Asu DIR EN GREY - Hydra -666- DIR EN GREY - Yokan DIR EN GREY - Cage DIR EN GREY - Itoshisawa Fuhai ni Tsuki(愛しさは腐敗につき) DIR EN GREY - Vanitas DIR EN GREY - Higeki
  3. A few weeks ago I charted a song from Dir en Grey that has a pretty cool bass solo. I suck tremendously at bass and am kind of interested in seeing someone upload a playthrough of them playing the solo. :D The solo is at about 5:10 - can't really hear it very well in that video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cl58soY73SE In that one its at 5:00 Thanks!
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