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  1. Clutch






    Polkadot Stingray






    Somali Yatch Club








    Mild Orange


    Dream wife




    Dan Patlansky






    Dead Sara




    Good Morning


    No buses




    There are probably more but those are the first ones that come to my mind.


    I second Clutch and 1000mods. Fantastic bands.

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  2. I think what firekorn said was pretty clear - we're here to monitor all forums. When someone (more specifically in this forum) asks a simple question that someone such as an Admin/Mod can answer, I think its appropriate for them to clear confusion and add a sense of direction in a conversation, instead of people just coming up with more questions and 'what if'-ing everything.


    @ I'm sure you've repeatedly said you were never coming back to this site. And here you still are. And surely if you see this, and get butt-hurt over it, we'll its your own fault for not 'not ever coming back'. 


    I'm a rather neutral mod - never having a problem with anyone yet, and I don't intend to, but ya'll can't just disrespect other Admins/Mods for trying to help you guys clarify something, regardless of the forum.

  3. I didn't expected that Madonna's bass will give you so much trouble and I felt that lead is quite slow, which takes off from difficulty. But I've choosed it mostly because I didn't had much time to select songs and Beginner one gave me troubles :D


    @@Liquidlizard, @@SmellsLikeMonkey I hope that you'll maybe try to participate not just drop your own cdlc scores once in a while :D

    Gonna try. Just got back to the States so I can play my guitar again, lol

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  4. I was looking at the FUSE preview and it looks awesome. I thought it might be cool to have a progress bar for the request area, where the song that are "in progress" would show from red to green or from 5%, then 10%, then 50% until it was finished. I guess it might be controlled by creators who clicked in updates to how far they are along. Something that would get people excited and awaiting the track being almost done. Just thought that might be cool. Unless that is one of the features that has not been shown. 

    There are a couple of problems with stuff like that... Some charters, like myself, create CDLC in nearly an hour, so the updates would be pointless, in that instance. Another problem would be those who start working on a CDLC, and update the 'progress bar', may not even finish the CDLC. So if someone else was going to make it and checked the progress bar, saw that it was like 50%, that someone else would just move on to another project, assuming that the CDLC would be made. In all reality, it doesn't take very long to make a CDLC. IMO, If someone said that they were going to work on a certain song one day, I would expect it to be done on that day. 



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    Copy.com is going away too. I realize that a majority of my customs are through that site and I am currently in the process of replacing the Download Links to my Customs.

    yeah :( its a shame too! copy.com is bad, onedrive seems to be bad also


    I moved to Google Drive

  6. There are so many posts and questions, that just the moderators/admins alone cannot answer. If you seek a moderator/admins help that you know only we can help you with, feel free to send us a message, and we will address your question as quickly as we can. That is the best way you can reach out to us. Sometimes just regular members are more readily to help; considering how large the community is.

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