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  1. @@manchot66 - thanks for the comments on my photos. Yes, I'm a long-time motorsports fan. If you do visit the UK, you MUST make it coincide with the Goodwood Festival of Speed. I've been several times and for motorsports fans it is heaven. You can touch the cars, meet the drivers and have a fantastic time. There may be clips on YouTube of this year's event.
  2. @advocatwork and @manchott66 - many thanks for the feedback. It looks like I've still got a lot to learn! Thanks for the tone, I'll drop that in later today. I do feel very mean asking you guys to try out guitar parts which I have no ability to test. Something tells me that I'll be on the look out for a six string before too long..... ;-) All the best, James
  3. Morning all, here's Next To You as promised. The bass is ok so I'd really appreciate someone seeing if the guitar part works. Hopefully it'll be ok..... https://www.dropbox.com/s/va7xmehg4fi8x8u/Police-The_NextToYou_v1_p.psarc?dl=0
  4. I've also been considering doing Van Morrison, but haven't yet for a similar reason. There's a songbook online that I'm thinking about getting, and I could try getting it and converting the score to tab. Might take some time, since I'm not good at reading music, though. Happy Birthday @@albatross213! I've had a look for the sheet music to Moondance but haven't had too much luck. I downloaded a pdf of a handwritten score this morning which I'll have a look. I used to play violin in the school orchestra about 30 years ago and when I tried to convert some sheet music into a tab in Guitar Pr
  5. Hi everyone and big thanks to Avdocatwork for inviting me to join. I'm currently working on a few customs, one of which is "Next To You" by The Police. I don't play guitar so I'll post my initial version here for you axe heroes to test. I'm really enjoying making customs, in fact I'm spending less time playing bass now and more time stuck behind EoF, Go PlayAnywhere and Guitar Pro! My main gripe is the quality of the tabs which are available. For instance, the tab I found for "Next To You" misses out chunks of the bass at the beginning. I'm reworking the Guitar Pro tab using my copy of "P
  6. Good call - I'd completely forgotten about Yes, many thanks! EDIT: I just saved the tones from the Chris Squire track (thanks @@Aludog!) so I'll use those in the next release of Down In The Tube Station and Wait For The Blackout
  7. Hi everyone, I've done a couple of customs which need a good Rickenbacker tone (The Jam and The Damned). None of the official DLC I can think of has a good Rick tone (the tone on Red Barchetta sucks!) so I was wondering whether anyone has any suggestions please?
  8. That's great news - I didn't know that the toolkit now did that. Many thanks for solving the problem for me and the tip about ctrl-shift-F. Have a great day!
  9. Here are the files - please let me know if I've missed any: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ykku8zh0wf2t7ic/AABqOvCSS3iHQIvzNRLQ-mNba?dl=0
  10. This sounds very similar to the post I just made. I'll add my psarc file to it as suggested.
  11. Hi everyone, I've created a new custom yesterday like this: Tab from Guitar Pro imported into GoPlayAlongSync'd and exportedXML imported into EoFSections copied from Guitar Pro tab (as they looked ok)All music generated in WWisepsarc file created in RST When I go to play the song in Rocksmith, the amps come down, the song title and artist appear and the note highway appears, but then after a few seconds the end screen appears. I have tried regenerating it in RST and also repacking it in BPR but it's still doing the same thing. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I've done wrong plea
  12. @@Aludog - I'll work with Bavarezkrd while I get up to speed. He's sent me links to the files you mentioned and given me some tips and ideas of what he needs from me. If I run into any problems, I will shout!
  13. I'll take "Bellboy" and "I've Had Enough" - wish me luck everyone :-)
  14. Yay! Don't worry, guy. It's actually made (for both guitars), but I still need in bass part which will be made by Aludog next week. Keep calm and wait for this one. It comes soon. ;) Will do - thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to this one :-)
  15. Many thanks - that explains it perfectly :-)
  16. I'm working on my first custom - all seemed to be going well until I put in the RS phrases. I can't remember the exact error message when I saved my EOF file, but it was something about a count phrase being missing. I couldn't see how to create one, so I just played around with things until the message didn't come up when the file was saved. (By the way, I work in IT, and if anyone had come to me giving that as an explanation of their problem, I'd probably punch them!) Anyway, I've generated the song and it loads into RS without any issues. However, if I pause the game, it will not resume. I
  17. Oh well - I had just started Resolve as my first CDLC project. At least I know the basics of how to create CDLC now and chances are your version will be much better than my first effort!
  18. Whilst playing Score Attack, I've noticed the same users appearing on the high score lists and have often wondered what else they're playing which I haven't discovered yet. Would it be possible to add a feature where you could view another member's collection please?
  19. Sorry PC - I did look for another thread, but my searching skills clearly match my comment posting skills!
  20. On many occasions I've wanted to add a comment to some CDLC but when I hit the submit button, either nothing happens, or the three dots at the top of the screen showing progress appear briefly then disappear and my comments aren't made. I'm using Chrome, but also have the same issue with IE 11. Is anyone else having the same issue? EDIT: I just tried posting some comments again, and of course it worked - aargh! ;-)
  21. The more I play with CDLC, the more I see the same names cropping up on the High Score charts. I was wondering whether it is possible to see everything which a fellow user has downloaded. Chances are, my "competitors" have similar tastes to mine, and it could be a good way of being introduced to music which I'd otherwise have missed. If there's already a way to do this and I've not researched the forums properly, please accept my apologies. Can I also say a big thank you to all the CDLC creators for all the time and effort which they put in. It is most appreciated!
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