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  1. 3 hours ago, JamesPrestonUK said:

    I got over a minute into this about a year ago and parked it. I'll pick it up again. If the GP4 file went on Catchphrase, Roy Walker would have said it was good, but it's not right.

    Thanks so much for looking into this one. This has always been one of my favorite Stones tunes and its definitely because of the bass line!

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  2. You have to decide on the sound that you want to achieve and whether or not you can execute it.  Paranoid by Black Sabbath is a good example of a song that uses all down strokes in the verse chords and it doesn't quite sound right if you use alternate strokes. Highway Star by Deep Purple sounds like all down strokes in the "chugging" sections-I could never play it properly using all down strokes and thought I was "cheating" until I saw Blackmore playing it live and he was using alternating strokes.  Iron Maiden uses different combinations depending on the effect they want and I am pretty sure that most of the signature "galloping" riffs use alternate strokes.

    As Firekorn has said, there is a limit on how fast you can pick using only down strokes. The more strings you try to play at once using alternate picking, the more difficult it becomes, so build up your alternate picking technique on chords one string at a time.

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  3. I am curious as to what's everyone guilty pleasure when it comes to music?  Mine is Kylie Minogue which is kind of surprising to some people I know when they see that I listen to bands such as Arch Enemy and Within Temptation.

    I don't listen to Kylie Minogue but I saw one of her concerts on the T.V. and I really enjoyed it! My guilty pleasures aren't any particular band but rather certain bubblegum songs. .e.g Sugar, Sugar by the Archies; MMMBop-Hanson; Fox on the Run-Sweet etc.

    "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better"-Inspector Dreyfus

  4. I purchased the Highway Star DLC and it is well worth the money!  The charting is spot on (39 seperate divisions in RR enabling you to really focus on each aspect of the song), the tones are superb, and the lead solo harmonies are awesome. For all of you Purple People out there I highly recommend this one! :) :) :) :) :)

  5. guessing they got new stuff out and just getting rid? looked at a few reviews and vids and they seem pretty good and for the price ud get ur money back if u wanted to sell it on. found a few others n there about $700-$900 still!  liked the look better on the white one but thought the blue was a slightly better guitar

    Actually the two guitars (Barchetta RX1 White) and (Barchetta RX-FR-R6 Blue) are identical except for the Floyd Rose and the paint jobs. The addition of the Floyd Rose bumped the MSRP up by $100 between the two. For anybody who is interested there are two youtube videos highlighting the two guitars on the store page.

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