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  1. Lovroman's post in Sound is lowered after applying 100% fix? v1.3.1.9 was marked as the answer   
    Please try CFSM v1.3.2.1, the library has been updated to the newest version.
  2. Lovroman's post in South Park Theme not in list was marked as the answer   
    You'll have to add the song yourself, so follow these steps:
    1) Go to the place where you installed the app (probably located in Program Files folder on the partition where your OS is installed),
    2) Find "RocksmithToolkitLib.SongAppId.xml" file and open it
    3) Add the AppID for "South Park Theme" to the file by adding this line:
    <SongAppId Version="RS2014" AppId="369766" Name="Primus - South Park Theme" /> between the latest SongAppId element ("James Gang - Funk #49") and "", so it will look like something like this: http://i.imgur.com/phM1oGJ.png
    4) Save the file (you might have to save it on another place and maually replace it with the new file because of access permissions)
    5) The new songs should show on the AppID list :)
  3. Lovroman's post in Can someone please, please convert this to mac... was marked as the answer   
    Here you go : http://www.mediafire.com/download/g2b0vvr3jmwske8/Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers_I-Could-Have-Lied_v1_m.psarc
    And I moved this to a more appropriate section for this kind of question.
  4. Lovroman's post in []: Unhandled exception error when using setlist manager was marked as the answer   
    Looking into it now.
    //It seems to occur when you delete songs with "perma delete" option enabled.Nah. Not really. In both cases.
    It looks like Song Collections looses sync when you add a new song (it seems that it doesn't crash when you restart the app and then try to delete the song).
    Nop, not that either, this: http://i.imgur.com/RVB5pEG.png
    Yea, it's fixed now, @@Darjusz, pls, do your magic :)
    And @Alonzo1991 please delete CFM folder in My Documents if it won't work. 
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