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  1. I've searched and it seems most folks get it resolved by posting the files (see below) but is there anyway to troubleshoot this that doens't involve the dev having to look at each? Exported the Gp5, had it synced and exported in GPA, but EOF just doesn't want to import the xml. What's strange though, is I've done this same method before successfully, and now when I go to import a previous song's xml just to see if it would work, that also fails with the same error. Even when before that song was imported successfully. So maybe it's an issue with the audio? I donno, thoughts? 1._Death_By_Fire.gp5 1._Death_By_Fire.xml 1._Death_By_Fire.gpa
  2. Hey all, finally finished my first CDLC after a dozen hours or so, looking for any feedback. https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/55584 I pulled the tones from the Beach House song myth, that was already created. If you have a better idea for what tones to use please let me know. Thanks
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