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  1. WoW - Arthas, My Son(Rock/Metal)


    The Undertaker Theme


    Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong


    Violent Femmes - Color Me Once


    Kidneythieves - Crazy Cover


    would try to make these myself but I have tried to do a few and they never work out right for me. Would be nice if someone could do them.

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  2. Can anyone tell me if its possible to change the tuning of a CDLC? In my case I would just like to change a songs tuning from B tuning to E standard. I tried doing it with the unpacker in the toolkit but everytime I tried to bring it in and recreate it I would get a wwise not found error. I did install the newest version of wwise but that didnt seem to do anything.


    Oh song I'm trying to change is goo goo dolls Iris.

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