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  1. @@ForrestB Thank you so much, and there's more CDLCs on the way, I'm updating some of the old ones with new Tones that are more accurate because I have a guitar now. My goal is to make the whole REIMAGINE album of PrinceWhateverer, so far I've done 13 out of 18... Like I've said, more CDLCs are on the way, so you and many other people can enjoy them ^-^

    You can search by my name when you look for CDLCs so you can find how many I've done ( Almost 50! ) OwO

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  2. As far as I know, when you do tone names in Editor on Fire they should be written like this " Lead_Distortion ", the _ is required, unless you do it like this " LeadDistortion ", it's the same thing, but normal spaces gives errors.

    I'd never had any error with the name tones written like that, so, it should be working for you too, remember that you need to have the latest EOF and RSToolkit to avoid bugs and errors.

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