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    Thx Pi!

    Glad you like it!

    Yeah, i keep doing this week after week cause i think its a great motivation to keep playing each week, see the progress and know whom you are competing against on the long run...


    Ideas for improvements always welcome!




    just one idea but maybe its to hard to manage.


    Instead of having the all scores from the 10 last weeks, 

    having the 8 best score from the previous 10 weeks. ( Having a discard of 2 in 10)




    Leader changes:


    @@Azrael   takin over             INT LEAD

    @MaZtoR   takin over          ADV RHY

    @   takin lead        MC RHY

    @genobadass  joining lead BEG BASS

    @Motive   joining lead          MC BASS






    Heavy competition everywhere! Great week again.


    Fight on!




    What a great idea.

    Only saw it today.

    These push you to play every week. What will be hard to me theses days anyway...

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  3. Hi,

    I've played FLG when Kaijin done the custom and reached 85%. (And have a screenshot of it)


    Now a couple of months later without playing it brought me a little bit back.

    I done 83%.

    This is a tough professional and social week for me. I hope i have time to practice to raise my score. This song needs work.


    Hope you guys like to play it as much as me.

    Hope to have someone near 90% to push me to my limits.



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  4. iam addicted to Walk this way,


    As soon as the riff is in auto mode this things gets crazy.

    And another interesting thing, iam not used to play oficial songs. And with those we have the leadboard with many players.

    Ends up motivating be to get better and better,


    So, this was not my best score but my best acc for now.

    Will play one or two times but its hard to beat today,


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  5. @@That Guy  Mr. Pi sensei for us. Goal in MC beat score Mr.Pi, hoping that he does not have enough time to practice  :D

    not that much...

    I like this song and guitar part.


    Its my final score as i won't have time to play more.


    Nacholede, Harmonics are tricky. Sometimes for recognition purpose its best that you just hit the normal fret note. (In Pinch Harmonics)

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