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  1. hi rockers. i need some help. i have had this problem before but cant remember how i solved it. so my issue is that i cant get rocksmith to play sound through my speakers that is connected via jackcable. it plays fine through my usb headset but i wanna be able to play through my speakers aswell. the error i get is "no audio output device detected. please connect and enable an audio output device then restart Rocksmith 2014" tho everything else works fine through speakers (spotify, youtube. etc.) i have tried disconnecting and deactivating my usb headset before launching the game, i have also restarted my pc afterwards just to see if that could help but nothing has worked so far. hope someone can help me fix this :)
  2. so i reinstalled rocksmith and afterwards the game won't start up as long as the D3DX9_42.dll file is in the folder. am i doing something wrong. it worked yesterday with minor lag issues hench the reason why i reinstalled on my ssd instead
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