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  1. 13 hours ago, arrov said:

    ...and I think the commenting system on CDLC is just fine for users saying thanks, the problem is just the psychology of people in general... Its not an issue with this site only, its every site I participate in that involves sharing stuff you worked on. Most people just don't care enough to say thanks if they are basically anonymous. It doesn't change their experience so they don't care

    If people like something they'll usually not say it. If they dislike it they'll shout it. This works for most stuff in life.


    13 hours ago, arrov said:

    Regarding the OP, its a bit of a double edged sword

    Considering that's the reason why the page that existed before CF was closed... Yeah, I'd say it is (it implemented a rating system that people used to throw shit at each other, making everyone fed up and leaving).

  2. 4 hours ago, yaniv800 said:

    The feeling of looking at some of the cdlcs you bought the tabs for and seeing 30 downloads in few months doesn't feel good


    Don't use downloads to value your work, there is no correlation between them and your chart. As a matter of fact there are many improved versions of other CDLC out there that don't have even half the downloads the first versions do, yet they are still highly valuable and contribute to the community by improving what is already there. Make sure that you make charts you'd like to play and after that share them around, that's the best way to not get burnt out or frustrated.

    4 hours ago, yaniv800 said:

    the community is very dry and not very supportive when it comes to making things together as cdlcs makers (the other support is fine)

    on top of all that making cdlcs is very time consuming , buying tabs or copying tabs , making the cdlc itself and testing and adjusting the cdlc (if you actually care about your cdlc)

    There are posts dedicated to charting full albums and even full discography's where each time a song is charted they remove it from the list so it gets done faster. The problem is that there are so many posts it can be hard to find them. If you want you can even create your own so this sort of thing gets done more often.


    10 hours ago, firekorn said:

    I'd agree but the amount of people that take the time to do the work are low so I do what i can in the meantime.

    Although I've already talked about this with Firekorn, I want to make crystal clear that I'm going to attempt creating a proper video guide for creating CDLC that is dumbed down as possible and goes over as many techniques and tricks as it can and just everything in general. I just need to finish doing university exams and I will be able to actually get something done.

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  3. I'm not specially sure that the info on Create CDLC is as good as we make it to be. It's enough to get started, sure, but a new user will find a hard wall in the first stages called: "Why is this happening and why is not explained in the guide?". I began charting just eight days ago and that's exactly what happened, I even had to look up Youtube videos because I just couldn't figure out, for example, why everything was changing places (turns out I was moving the beat arrows and making them too close to each other). I had to start from scratch four times in order to make my first chart. This was due to experimenting but also because information is dispersed, so it's harder to access it. Even the CDLC creation guide is outdated in some parts like when it says that a tone will be created by default if the user doesn't define one when making a chart. That's not true for DLC Builder and I found out the hard way.

    All of this has an easy solution: Update the guides and make one big post for all of them so they are more convenient and readily availabe. On regards on how to get people to actually look at the guide, I've been thinking for a while on making an official CF youtube series on how to make CDLCs that is crystal clear about everything and is divided into episodes so people can find what they are looking for easily. What do you guys think?

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  4. As a user I am extremely grateful for this site. If it didn't exist, I probably wouldn't have gotten so far playing guitar, since I spent my first 3 years just playing CDLCs, which surprisingly tuned up my skills quite quickly while keeping it fun.


    As its newsletter writer I am grateful that it allowed me to create a magazine in which I have total creative freedom, the dream of any journalist.


    Thank you Unleashed2k and the rest of CF's staff.

  5. Is there a breakdown of how the donated money is spent? I tried to look for it but couldn't find it. I think it would encourage more people to donate if the information was out in the open.

    Basically it all goes to cover the maintenance costs of the servers, as it is not hosted by ourselves. If there are extra costs we try to cover them with them too (or out of pocket if it's necessary). There is more information in the April Fool's newsletter as Unleashed2k (founder) explains it.


    Hope this helps!  :)

  6. I used to hook up RS to a giant projector and speakers in my highschool's festival, and anyone could play whatever song they wanted. Not that many people would actually come and play, but the ones who did would stay until we had to close and we'd sing along the songs and just have a good time. This was the last time I did it since I'm graduating but it was dope.

  7. Sure, I'll just cut and paste them.


    1. I was having a hard time trying to follow along the layout so eventually I putted it away. I would think it should read, so I put it away. Not I putted it away.  This was part of his response to your first question. Putted is the past tense of Putt. Putt as in putt a golf ball. There is no past tense for put.

    2. Your question   What would you say differentiates you form other RS streamers?  Form should be from.


    Hope that helps, but like I said, I really enjoy reading it.

    Thank you very much. I'm not supposed to correct gramatical mistakes (I'm not the editor) but I will try to write more correctly. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question :)

  8. Thanks for doing the news letter. I enjoy reading them. The interview this month was interesting. However, the transcription needs some work. There were several places such as this.....


    What would you say differentiates you form other RS streamers?


    Form should be from and things of that nature are in different places in the news letter.


    But please, keep up the good work. I really enjoy CF !

    Hi, I am the guy that writes the newsletter. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Can you please elaborate on that?

  9. Advanced Lead - It's All for Rock N' Roll: https://ibb.co/eQ1umd

    Intermediate Lead - Du nich: https://ibb.co/ntsjmd

    Beginner Lead - Gangsters: https://ibb.co/cz8eKy

    God of Guitar - While my Guitar Gently Weeps: https://ibb.co/c29fRd


    Beginner Rhythm - Du nich: https://ibb.co/dgMS6d

    Intermediate Rhythm - It's All for Rock N' Roll: https://ibb.co/nOdqRd

    Advanced Rhythm - Miss Mistreater: https://ibb.co/iQRMXJ

    Masterclass Rhythm - All Along the Whatchtower: https://ibb.co/dstzmd


    I will upload masterclass lead in the future.

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  10. Clutch






    Polkadot Stingray






    Somali Yatch Club








    Mild Orange


    Dream wife




    Dan Patlansky






    Dead Sara




    Good Morning


    No buses




    There are probably more but those are the first ones that come to my mind.

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  11. Doctor Doctor: https://preview.ibb.co/m9sbco/Doctor_Doctor.png


    Paranoid: https://preview.ibb.co/dQ3tOT/Paranoid.png


    Lost in Hollywood: https://preview.ibb.co/jAVjV8/Lost_in_Hollywood.png



    Isn't it weird that Paranoid is one level of difficulty lower than Lost in Hollywood? I'd put it at least 2 lower.


    Also I have 2 questions:


    1. I have a Youtube channel where I upload rocksmith videos. If I use the score of those videos is it valid?

    2. Can I upload several scores (I mean in different days)?

  12. Hey @Dardo, welcome!

    Just a tip since you are new to this: if you play in Learn A Song mode your score is the accuracy, so without decimals (the big yellow number is somewhat bugged sometimes). You played quite good in that run, so consider playing the next ones in Score Attack mode, because there your score has decimals and that number is not bugged. Look at this as "better accuracy chance". 


    All of this is also explained in the championship rules section, though since week is almost over (it ends at about saturday evening, central european time) you may want to have this clarified and take advantage of it.



    Thanks dude! It's great to know everyone here is so nice

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  13. This is the first time I do this so I don't know if this is how I am supposed to do it.


    Advance lead - Opeth - Harvest




    Intermediate Lead - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter




    Just in case I want to say that I'd like to be in the Advance Lead class.


    Also I had to make the photographs with my mobile phone because I can't make screenshots in my PC (it's just a white image). I will try to fix this.



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