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  1. Hi there


    Anyone seen it when you have the coloured notes (chords) corrupted in game. You see a vertical, flickering multicoloured 'bar' where the notes should be.. Maybe 10cm long..


    An earlier version of this particular custom I did seemed to create just fine.. New ones today (after about a month and a half break) produce this problem..



  2. Not a difficult song to riff repeat (lots of repetition), but I've added a couple of sections in (to split it up a wee bit).


    Now completed and uploaded for any feedback.. :)


    FYI. Find me - Kings of Leon..





  3. Ok, I've actually got a working first CDLC in progress.

    I actually have tried to do this before but I think I might have tried to do a song that was a bit complicated for my first (it was a live version and the tabs were rubbish)..

    Anyway, I submitted a song request for it today, then thought.. Actually I'll just give it a go myself (so submitted a work in progress too, lol)..

    I now have a beta with Lead, Rhythm and Vocals all synced (It's much, much less complex. So much easier when the tab is nearly correct)..


    I have a few queries about sections though.. I have split it into the various sections - intro, verses, choruses, outro - and the sections are showing in the riff repeater - so that's all good..
    Questions are..


    a.) Is there a guideline for how best to further subdivide your sections to practice in riff repeater - or just split them into manageable pieces as you see fit?

    b.) Do you just add extra 'verses' so as to subdivide (for example, the verse) into different sections?

    c.) Any guidelines for submission or do I just follow the form?


    Many thanks,



  4. Can I suggest a piece of paper for something so basic (it's what I used)..  ;)
    As I was simply trying to fit as many changes as I could into a minute, I thought Rocksmith would be far too restrictive and simply would have got in the way of me doing your changes (I was thinking about it, briefly, back for Rocksmith 1)..

    Scales are maybe a different matter - but these are built into the games in Rocksmith arcade (they're very useful actually).


    Horses for courses and all that, but is this not a bit overkill for just 1 minute changes?

    IMHO, you'll learn your basic chords better by NOT using Rocksmith.. :)



  5. If your current guitar is set up well, then it's probably fine for Rocksmith use.

    However, a new guitar is a great motivator. I say, if you've got the cash, go for it!  :)


    I found Les Pauls very heavy and went for an SG.. Whatever you choose, try it out in store first!

    Second thing I'd say is that once you've got a nice guitar...... you're going to want another. Bear that in mind when choosing what you want!  :)

  6. I dont think there's much wrong with the current game - and I am NOT paying for my customs again (because 'insert crappy developer excuse here' blah blah compatibility etc)..

    Maybe a few fixes and improvements to the Riff Repeater and easier selection of parts of songs - within the game - to RiffRepeat. Surely much better than the fixed sections we have at present.

    A small upgrade pack (for a small charge) with some updates, community feedback suggested improvements and fixes - maybe a few free songs - would keep most people happy, I'd say.. For now..  :)

  7. Odd.. Was fine the other day.. For some reason, I'm now finding that if you hold the USB cable at the back of the HD500 and move it gently, the hiss comes back.


    I think, despite snipping the cable, the problem is when the outside of the USB plug touches the chrome around the USB plug on the HD500. A bit of insulating tape (or sellotape) around the outside of the USB plug (to stop it contacting) and noise is gone.. Of course, you can still download and upload your presets.


    Wish I had noticed this before!  My bad! :)



    edit.. When I say it's gone, I mean TOTALLY gone.. It's damn near perfect!  :D

  8. I've always had an issue when connected to my HD500x from my laptop (via USB) when it's plugged into my amp.. Basically, there's a lot of background noise.


    Just thought I'd share a simple fix..  Works for me anyway..


    Get an old USB cable and strip away about 1/2 inch of cable in the middle of the cable.

    carefully loosen the shielding and see if you can find a black cable.

    Snip the black cable and using electrical insulation tape, wrap it back up again - ensuring the black cable ends are insulated from each other and from the shielding.

    Optional - Get a small piece of tinfoil (2cm * 4cm approx) and wrap around the new insulated cable/shielding, then wrap around the tinfoil with insulating tape..


    Job done.. Much reduced 'noise' if you've done it right.

    As you're chopping the ground cable there may be other issues with data rates etc (who cares), though I wouldn't use this modified cable for anything other than your HD500...

    Of course I hold no responsibility to damage to anything. Do so at your own risk..

    Works for me though..  :)

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  9. i think steps by 10% are actually a bit too much in the higher registers (especially from 90 to 100)..


    what i do is i start at a low value (usually around 50) and then go through each section (usually bundled in sets of 2) until i can play them without error twice in a row.. then i go to the next set of sections.. once that's done i go through the whole track and then increment in steps of 5%-points..


    sometimes i don't bother getting it 100% correct, when i know i played it right, and it was just the note recognition that's messing with my temper ;)

    I've actually timed it and the difference between 95% and 100% (in riff repeater) is actually a 10% difference in speed, err, in realtime.


    Not sure what the 'real' difference is between 90 and 95% but it's certainly not linear..



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  10. Thanks for sharing! I've been using a similar print out to work on my scales. However, I've been looking and have been unable to find one with starting with the Low E at the top. Basically a vertically flipped version of this. In my opinion, it would be a lot easier to look at the diagram as if you are looking through the back of the guitar neck and into the strings, similar to how the display in RS 2014 works.


    Being that you made this, if you could do an image in the fashion described above.. I would be forever indebted to you! Either way, thanks for sharing this wallpaper.. much appreciated!



    No problem. See new link below the main image..





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  11. If it's not running smoothly. Best things you can do is reduce the resolution (1280x720, I think, on my laptop) AND turn off the crowd.

    There are also a number of other detail settings you can turn off to improve performance.

    My desktop runs it at Full HD without a problem (it's powerful enough), though I still turn off the crowd.


    Not all issues with stuttering are due to your computer. I have issues sometimes with individual songs jumping and stuttering (customs) no matter how powerful a machine I play it on..


    Lastly, there are some good configuration guides for optimising your lag for Rocksmith, check out Google. Some are on Rocksmith official forums.

  12. Thanks, yeah though people are trying to get 300 quid for a used MiM Strat (one about 8 years old, lol). Considering you can buy new for 400 ish, I think they're chancing it...


    Might try new MiM for now - it can go to my daughter in 8 years on so, when she's old enough (and assuming it is stays in good condition).. 


    Then of course, a new USA model for me (if I like it).. ;)

  13. Tried a couple in the shop and actually quite liked the look, sound and feel of them (for a change, as I prefer SG/LP)..


    Is it really worth an extra £600 to get a USA made Strat though?


    Opinions appreciated..  :)

  14. Steroma, that's what I'llnever understand in men - that they don't feel embarrassed to reduce themselves to that pitiful piece of rubber flesh in their pants. Why cant you just go crazy on the good music these women seem able to be playing, why do have to put focus on your weener? Geez...




    @@ViperX6 ...and here's why, FYI.  ;)


    Once the food/water, shelter and clothing are sorted; it's all about the 'rubber flesh'..

    Unfortunately, good music (esteem for others) doesn't come until level 4... :D


    Merry Christmas!



  15. Got a smartphone?


    I have a Snark but find myself using my (android) smartphone with a (free) program called 'Smart Chords'

    It's got a lot more than just a tuner too (scales, metronome etc) and doesn't have any ad's that I can see..

  16. Amplifi seems a bit gimmicky (with the IOS only control app).

    Not sure how it sounds. I've got a Spider IV 75 - which is mono. The Amplifi is apparently Stereo and it has bluetooth streaming, so it could cut out clutter for some cables etc.

    Personally, I'd rather be able to control the amp by using controls on the amp - rather than having to have a tablet nearby..

    I'm all android (got rid of my iPhone in Dec last year - and not going back) so until they release an android control app, there's no point in me looking at it properly. I hear they may release one this month though?!

    For home, 75 is way more than enough..  :)

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