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  1. I downloaded 15 songs posted this month, EVERYONE OF THEM IS MARKED BASS, NOT ONE OF THEM HAS A BASS TRACK AND IS UTTER GARBAGE. Most every song on here posted lately is accurate enough for guitar, but you can tell that the poster never even looked at the Bass, out of sync and inaccurate. Either get a musical education or don't post anything. Honestly I think everyone here is tone deaf or intentionally posting garbage. 

  2.  I've run into a dozen songs from a certain member that are all out of sync, out of key or only the last measure of the songs. This member consistently posts stuff that is unplayable or will crash my RS straight to desktop from corrupted MP3's. I wont name him here, suffice it to say I want to clean my library of everything this guy has ever posted and prevent ever downloading anything he posts. This sort of behavior can only be construed as intentionally disruptive to every CDLC post here. I cant trust anything I download here, the CDLC is getting contaminated by malicious posters.

  3. Thanks again, I never saw that add showlights in that section in any tutorial. Once a file was set to this I have been able to build it with all the parts, minus vocals, (whoever wrote that UltraStar, your on my list pal.)  wink wink. I'm only teasing, that is a huge challenge to get those lyrics synced right. Getting the tones closer and figuring out what songs she uses a Colorsound pedal for it's effect,(from an interview comment she made) how that will be achieved in RS, I have no clue. Any idea what's close to a Boss NS-2 pedal?

  4. "reverted to the Wwise_v2015.1.9 5624 desperate for a fix, no change of course"

    It's showlights issue, go unpack any odlc and grab showlights from there, than use it in the toolkit for your cdlc it should work now

    or just hit that default showlights, oh, that's only works in debug version.


    This showlights thing was a mess. Until I downloaded the source, built it and copied the files over was I able to use a copied showlights file. No idea why this was so. Once the showlights was added it compiled everything perfectly..It's gotta be something Ive messed up. Gonna revert to the original toolkit version and see if Im able to do it in that.


  5. Thank you for the help Alex360 and cozy1..I have no idea what the showlights bit is but you mentioned I can snag it from an odlc, I'm assuming you mean an original like the cherubrock or another I've purchased. I guess I have to figure out what you mean by the end of file file being missing..I'm a complete beginner in this CDLC stuff.  I'll search the forums and see what I can see about the showlights and the rest.

  6. Ok I'll try to be as detailed as I can. I am using the rstoolkit- download with the hotfix applied. Audacity 2.3.1, Go Playalong 3.42, Guitar Pro 6 with a gp3 tab, (seems accurate enough without playing it.) paint.net for the cover-art @512x512 rez dds. I I tried the latest and reverted to the Wwise_v2015.1.9 5624 desperate for a fix, no change of course. Starting out I ran Audacity and the tab, added silence to beginning, cleaned the ending up and exported as WAV (Microsoft 16 mit PCM) I also exported it as guitar.ogg for eof. I clipped a nice 30 second clip for the preview and exported that accordingly, same name, _preview appended. Playalong was brought up next and the tab properly synced.  This time I skipped the lyrics, it made no difference to the error and I can't sing anyways so onward I went.
    Ran EOF,  The initial config below.http://i1377.photobucket.com/albums/ah49/Cataclysmmm/Screenshot_1_zpsefnwcxtr.png


    loaded the guitar.ogg to a new file. Song/Part Real Bass...and imported the gp3. set the intro, chorus and clicked the also add as RS Phase. (unchecking this did not end errors.)  The album art and preview ogg was added, (ogg or wav no difference) here's a pic of the data all ready to build

    So it runs the wise and no errors till after I set the filename at the end, then the instant crash as soon as it attempts to write the file. With the MAC and others checked it builds them then crashes on the PC part.  Any help would be amazing. TIA..
    OH, here's a rar with the files, maybe something is making empty file or something, I have no clue.

  7.   Tried every tutorial on the web and here. No matter what I do I simply cannot write the file. Searched all over here and could not find this error mentioned anywhere. Im sure Im missing something completely stupid but I don't see why every tutorial gives me the same error. This last build was just the bass, no vocal or lead. Any help would be swell, TIA.






  8. I'm pissed about this as well. For this site to allow someone, or someones to post Spyware and malware infested browser hijacker's in links is just screwed up. Delete ALL of the zippyshare links on the servers and allow us to download the files without infecting our systems please. I have not bothered to test my systems security by clicking one of their links..I'm not installing anything to download a file, EVER!!

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