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  1. Just checking back. Can y'all cut a guy a break, and give me some squiggle room here? Please? ;) :)


    If you can't take my word for it, take a few of my CDLCs for a spin and test them yourself.


    I'm willing to bet @raynebc has My Heart Draws a Dream in the ol' CDLC folder, and can tell you if it's been any trouble.



    I recommend Link if you haven't tried any before. It's super fun:





  2. I was gifted a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (gen 2) to use with my Peavey Revalver software. The audio sounded so good that I made it as my default sound device. When I tried it with Rocksmith, It sounded great, however the latency made it unplayable. I tried the ubisoft recommended latency fixes, but they did not work.


    Now I have to switch it to onboard sound when I want to play Rocksmith. It's very easy to do in windows 10. You just left click the sound icon in the taskbar, and if you have multiple sound devices enabled the current one will be displayed and there will be a downward arrow next to it. Just click the arrow and select the device you want.

     Yup, it's about that easy in Win7 also. So you have both audio devices connected via switchbox, like me, or do you have to manually reconnect?


    and yeah, pretty much everything ubisoft puts in their faq is useless.

  3. I used to have no problems with Rocksmith, but then I got a fancy Auzen soundcard (PCI), because I wanted Dolby Live for games that have surround sound, like Freespace.


    All of a sudden, I had audio glitches left and right, and couldn't start up the game without the audio glitching out and slowing down/distorting. I often couldn't make it through a whole song without the game freaking out. As my wife wisely pointed out, you would think that the game designers would've taken into account that actual musicians might want to play the game, and they might have stuff like fancy audio hardware and ASIO drivers. Oh well.


    I dealt with the errors and glitches in the game. Also I could no longer do video capture, without major lag and glitches, which had never been a problem before. I was reduced to pointing a camera at my TV if I wanted to make a video. I would have to kill all my Firefox processes, to even have a chance of getting it to run right, and even on a fresh restart, the game would still glitch out on the title screen. I would have to minimize and then maximize the game to get the audio to go back to normal. I was using programs that kill tasks when the game started up (which came with it's own set of problems, like important diagnostic services being shut down and not restarting upon exiting the game). I tried defragging my HDD. I tried various Ubisoft ini fixes, which only managed to make my guitar sound like crap. Some recommended turning Exclusive Mode off. Nothing worked.


    All this happened because I mistakenly assumed, with the help of some bad Google advice (or maybe the card documentation, I can't remember), that when you install an external sound card, you must disable the onboard motherboard audio, in the bios. This is not the case. I'm not guaranteeing that this is true 100% across the board that it works, but I have a feeling that it is probably true for virtually everyone, and even if you have doubts, it can't hurt to try.


    All you have to do is reboot your computer and hit F2/Del/whatever key gets you into the bios for your particular board, and enable onboard audio. On my Asrock B75 mobo, it was found in a menu under Southbridge Configuration. Hopefully your internal audio has some sort of digital output. Mine are both optical. You can switch between the 2 sound cards via right clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray, under Playback Devices (I'm on Win 7, YMMV) and change the default audio device to the one you want to use.


    The only problem that remains, naturally, is the physical connection to your audio receiver/speakers. Naturally you will have to use a switchbox or splitter of some kind, or manually move your audio connections from one card to another. In my case, I already use an old Joytech AV Control Center 2 switchbox, which has 4 optical inputs (switches 1-4), one of which was already dedicated to my PCI audio output. So I just moved my Wii to switch #5, since the Wii doesn't use optical anyway, and hooked the computer up to that. If you'll be needing a switchbox (they make optical-only ones), I find that monoprice.com has the best and cheapest options. Beware of Monoprice stuff sold on Amazon, as it's often marked up for way higher than what you'd pay if ordering from Monoprice directly.


    Now I can easily switch whenever I want, but since I rarely use the Dolby anymore anyway, and unless I notice any difference in audio quality when listening to music, I'll probably end up using the onboard audio again much of the time. I was just too stubborn to give up that otherwise awesome sound card that I paid money for, and instead endured years of torturous Rocksmith performance, and countless hours of looking for solutions to make RS play nice with my PCI card.


    Believe me, if you enjoy playing RS regularly but have this issue, it's worth giving it a try! My RS is perfect again!


    It wouldn't hurt to make this a sticky somewhere, if nobody objects. :)

  4. Looks like we don't have to step back anything.  Just use the '-' dash instead of the '~' tilde.  An acceptable alternative for that band according to Wikipedia.   I can automate the toolkit update/replacement process in the next build.







    You're mistaking what is acceptable by English Wikipedia's style rules, for what is the actual acceptable name.


    Whenever Wikipedia says "Stylized as" that pretty much means they're ignoring it for the purposes of their own style format, not that it is considered an alternate version of the name.




    The most important evidence that L'Arc~en~Ciel is supposed to be spelled with a tilde comes from Tetsu's book, Tetsugaku (kindly translated by Nanani, found here http://dekiruhito.com/node/25.)In Chapter 34, "Osaka Era," Tetsu writes:

    "The four of us got together, and we had to think of a name before we could start doing shows, so we used the name I came up with. I thought hard about whether a simple name would be best or not. At first, I tried to find a simple name, but I didn't find anything that worked. It's long, but seeing it written out has an impact that makes it memorable. That's part of why I thought L'Arc~en~Ciel was a good name. With brands of clothing, too, intricate names work because they're recognizable. I felt that L'Arc~en~Ciel was a long word to remember, but I thought that was all right. Written down, 'L'Arc~' jumps out at you, right? Because of the balance between the capitals and lowercase letters, and because of the ' ' ' and '~'."



    Look, I know it's stupid that they have a squiggle in their name, but that IS their name.

  5. "unless you're willing to decide to allow the character." 

    I think you misunderstand.  I am not the one that decided not to allow the character.   We are just follow the standards that we have been able to glean from ODLC.  There are significantly fewer issues with CDLC since EOF and toolkit data validation was implemented.  While your particular request may not cause a problem, I would hate to go back to from where we have come.


    I think you misunderstand.  I am not asking you to toss the entire data validation system.


    I don't think stepping back one character length will kill anyone. My particular request won't cause a problem, full stop.

  6. C: You have asked this question before and it was answered in depth here.

    The toolkit and EOF use validation checks that are in-line with ODLC standards to provide for CDLC consistency, quality, and playablity. If your goal is to produce non-conforming CDLC then consider using an unsupported legacy pre 2.8 version of the toolkit


    A: Yes, I remember now, and I thought that it was going to be fixed, or at least that seemed to be the general direction the thread was headed in before the replies petered out. There is nothing wrong with the consistency, quality, and playablity of my CDLC. Ask anyone who has played them. It would be different if anyone had ever had an issue or a complaint with them, or with their RS installation, stemming from the use of them.


    I believe I was using a 2.8 version previously, if I'm not mistaken. It had the EN/JP checkbox, which I thought was relatively recent. The difference was that, while I couldn't type a tilde into the field, it wouldn't strip them out if they were already there....so if I imported an old one, or worked off an old template (which I do a lot for songs on the same album, because most of the info is already in there) it would load up with the tilde and work just fine as long as I didn't click into the field....or I could edit the XML and add it and it would stay when I loaded in.


    I just need the last version that doesn't check when you load it up, if that's what's necessary....unless you're willing to decide to allow the character.


    I know I probably mean nothing to you, nor do my contributions, but I put a lot of work into these things, and I've stuck around a lot longer than most charters, I'd imagine. It's probably foolish of me, but I hoped that would earn me a tiny bit of cooperation here. I appreciate what you guys do. I really do. Charting (and playing them) has become a very rewarding part of my life. I literally couldn't do it without you, and we're both after the same thing....quality. It's just unfortunate that my quality and your quality are at odds, because we all want what's best. It's all very Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. ;) I don't mean to be unreasonable or sound like a jerk (if I do?).


    All of that aside, the squiggle isn't hurting anything, nor has it ever, in my experience. It's not like I'm asking for the peace sign in Prince's "Sign '☮' the Times" (and yes, I actually did try that in the toolkit, lol)



    Edit: I know this goes into the territory of "If we did it for you, we'd have to do it for everyone", to which I could only respond that the difference is that tilde has 5 years of working CDLC behind it, backing up the fact that it works just fine and causes no problems. :)


    Yeah, latest toolkit doesn't work anymore with old xml templates (game freezes/vocals and showlights called lead) which is kinda annoying if you want to just make some quick changes to your old cdlc. Here also some more things I found:

    • It seems to require you to have wwise installed even though I provided necessary <name> and <name_prewiev> wem files
    • does't automatically saves template if you import cdlc
    • wem files extracted twice (with <numbers>.wem and <song_dlc key.wem>)
    • extracted ogg files ending with *fixed (not sure if toolkit actually fixes anything since I imported song generated with latest toolkit)



    This is a major problem for me, since I'm very often going back and working on my old CDLCs, whenever I feel like I can improve them.


    Does anybody know what is the newest version of the toolkit that doesn't have this issue? (hopefully that won't give me difficulties with the tilde either, lol)


    I hope this will be addressed and corrected. I'm sure there are plenty of charters who still have CDLCs from the pre-Remastered days floating around out there, who might want to fix them at some point.

  8. @@Billkwando Did you remember to re fill in the wwise path when installing the different toolkit versions. Although I've never had a song freeze the game just by hovering over it in game so maybe its a bigger issue than that. Try updating eof too just to be safe.


    Also maybe this thread could be useful. Link.  You can edit a toolkit template file and load it so that it has the characters without removing them. nah it removes them from the sort field so its useless, at least in my toolkit version. Also judging by how you linked your template file I guess you've already tried this.


    I think there's something wrong with your toolkit since I got an error when trying to import your .psarc file into my toolkit. Link to log file.


    I also gave it a run through the packer/unpacker in the toolkit and for some reason lead.sng.xml is 0 bytes and lead.xml contains the vocals. I also got the same error unpacking it as I did trying to import it. "nullable object must have a value". I tried unpacking another song and it didn't even have a lead.sng.xml file.


    The unpacked folder seems to have everything except for a template file (the other song I unpacked had one), so I guess its something to do with that. Or its because there's only two lead tracks (one with vocals, one empty) and a showlights file.


    But what if the lead.sng.xml is corrupted and makes the toolkit error which is why in the psarc it is empty. 


    Anyway sorry if this is all useless but I was bored and did some fiddling about.


    Also how about sending your eof project folder and I could give it a build and see if we can at-least get the file working before worrying about the tildes.


    Hey thanks! Here's the project files: https://mega.nz/#!99Mg0azb!zU8kZIhRixk4GuXXB3Epznvf7DIHe-0XKNxYWFi3yUw


    The tones are crap cos I lost a bunch of tweaks I made to them, just in case you end up playing it. ;)


    Edit: Also I changed the tone order since that last backup was made. Example "solo" is now Tone #2 rather than Fuzz.


    Edit 2: This is actually the most recent project file/xml version, if you can salvage it. The one I uploaded before was the reverted copy from last week, where I lost my changes:



  9. https://mega.nz/#!9gU2hCbA!yyB32jsWxM-uH9MtvohxV5KrOq-0Ew5EIbbH29UVAak


    Worked fine before. I was trying to raise the volume of the song in game, and it wouldn't work, so I decided to download the newest toolkit.


    Discovered that the new toolkit removes the tilde ~ from L'Arc~en~Ciel, breaking the artist sort for songs I've been making since 2014. I have over 50 L'Arc songs, and I'm really not trying to go back and redo them all just to fix the sorting. Tried to downgrade the toolkit to an older version and that didn't work, plus I discovered with the new toolkit, the song freezes RS as soon as I highlight it from the list.


    Even tried reverting the xml file version back to 4/28 through Windows, and it while it will now load in the older toolkit, the tilde is still stripped and it still freezes my RS. I've been working on this CDLC for a month, and as I said in the title, on and off since 2017. I had a working version of it, playable in RS, the entire time (just unreleased online) I was planning to finish it today, and now I'm just incredibly sad and frustrated.


    I took off for my vacation this week partly so I could finally finish this song, and my PC's power supply died, so I was only able to get it back up and running on Friday, and then this happened, on the last day of my vacation. About ready to go lie down in the street at this point.


    Please help.

  10. I have a Fernandes Love Driver (LD 95-KK), a signature model of Ken, guitarist for L'Arc~en~Ciel. It has a cat inlay on the 12th fret. I thought it would be fun to have the cat in Rocksmith, so I took a pic of my fingerboard with the strings pushed aside, and here it is! :D


    I made both inverted and regular. I play inverted but I still use the right-side up cat. :D Her name is Elizabeth, true story..




























    Here's my (actual) guitar, in case you're curious what a Love Driver looks like. :D











    I'm planning on doing one for my other Ken signature model, the LA 85-KK, which has a lizard on 12.


    Enjoy! :D





    P.S. For anyone unfamiliar, you download them and put them in \Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc\inlays\ and select them through the Path menu. I think you have to have unlocked at least one inlay in RS to have the option. Your choice will save, as long as you exit Rocksmith properly, so you don't have to re-choose it each session. (I tend to exit improperly, a LOT, so I didn't realize this at first!) :)

  11. Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I've added tunings for this porjects including viola, cello and ukulele  according to your formula :)


    Keep up but I don't see of you much recently :(


    Did you add one for mandolin? :p :p :p ;)







    I'm new at CDLC, downloaded some psarc files yesterday, replaced Cherub Rock with a DLC I already owned, using the toolkit, and everything is working, awesome!


    Now, my son is playing cello and would like to use RS as well, is there a list of cello psarc files?






    Cello there!


    (sorry, that's the most I have to contribute)

  12. Yes, I see now that if I judiciously avoid the buttons, it seems to work. I didn't even realize that mousing over other functions was what was causing it to happen. Again, it has bugged me in the past even when I was using 2 hands. I wonder if it's an issue for anyone using one of those trackballs instead of a mouse.


    It still doesn't make any sense to me why it's made that way, unless it's unintentional or just easier for you (which I can't argue with, it's a free program)... Setting aside the fact that I have a really hard time keeping my mouse in a dead still position, which is obviously my problem and mine alone, I just think it should require you to actually click on something to change the focus, which I believe is standard windows behavior (unless it's the Click to change focus option just not working right?). It just seems counter intuitive, otherwise I would've figured it out on my own. ;)


    Anyway, thanks for explaining why it was happening. At least now I know how to try to avoid it.

  13. I'll work on expanding the scope of the "Click to change dialog focus". The other functions you mention automatically set the cursor focus in the input fields.


    The only reason I mentioned them was because they didn't (I didn't check Bend, maybe that one does) but when I did both types of slides, neither one would let me type until I clicked into the box, and I had just updated to the newest version of EOF, because I didn't wanna be an idiot and asking for something you had already done, due to me using an outdated version.

  14. If you enable the "Click to change dialog focus" preference, you don't have to worry about the mouse movement taking focus away from the fret number field you're editing. Or at least that's how it's meant to work. I'm seeing that dialog controls that aren't text input fields can still steal focus when moused over, so I have some work to do to improve that.


    Using the "Edit note frets/fingering" function (pressing F instead of N) may be more helpful in your case since the controls that can steal focus are further away from the fret number field. I could also see how hard it would be to automatically have this function give focus to the fret number field of whichever string was just toggled on.


    Thanks for the tip, but it appears I already had that option checked, alas.


    The reason I don't use F is because, again, there is no button to advance to the next note, and because I lose all the other options I need while placing a note (vibrato, string mute, ignore, link next, etc). shift V I can do 1-handed, but you get the idea.


    Edit: Would be nice if the cursor popped in for the other boxes too, like Set End Fret, Unpitched Slide, bend, etc. One less extra step. ;)

  15. For single note, it would be faster to adjust the fret number with CTRL+1 to 0 for 1 to 10 and CTRL+F1 to F12 for 11 to 22.


    Not with my left hand, it's not. ;)


    That's why I wrote the long post, and edited it about 10 times, to make it perfectly clear what I was doing and why I was asking. :P


    I still think it's a reasonable request, and that the current program behavior is not typical of most programs, or any that I'm aware of. If I click in the search bar at the top of my browser, and then go down and mouse over my clock, the cursor is still flashing in the search bar.


    Also, that method removes the Next button from the equation, and clicking on each note individually would be a nightmare for keeping track of where I am, because on my screen(s) which are feet away from me, it's very hard to read the note number on the chart.......and the same shortcut that turns on my screen magnifier zooms the chart, so I have to click out of EOF if I want to use it (and even worse, the shortcut that closes the magnifier also tries to close EOF). I have 2 mouse buttons dedicated to the magnifier, 1 to open and 1 to close, in case you're wondering how I hit those shortcuts with one hand.


    Believe me, I wouldn't be asking if I knew of a better/easier way. I've been at this for nearly 5 years now, and the text input thing has always bothered me, but I just dealt with it because I didn't want to trouble anyone.....but I'm just starting to realize just how much it has been hampering my productivity.  It bugs me even when I am using 2 hands. I'm sure it bugs other folks as well, but like I did, they likely just get used to it and just think of it as the price of doing business, so to speak.

  16. Hi all!


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'd like to make a feature request for EOF.


    Current behavior: When you click on a note and hit N to change the fret number, you have to click in the box to change the fret number, and your mouse pointer has to continue to hover over the text box, otherwise, the cursor disappears and keyboard input does nothing


    Expected behavior: Once you click into the text box, the cursor should stay there, regardless of mouse position.


    The problem for me is the way I chart by hand/by ear, I usually have guitar in my lap and a keyboard and mouse on the couch next to me. So with my left hand, I click in the box, and then reach over to the keyboard, and by the time I get there, the mouse has moved slightly and I can't type, and have to go back and mouse over the box again and try to type a 2nd time. It's just super fiddly is all.


    What I would love to see: When selecting a single note and hitting N (or hitting Next), it would be nice if the cursor was already in the text box, behind the number, ready for backspacing (or in front, for deleting, lol).


    This may sound stupid, but when I chart by ear, I sync a blank "click track" GP tab to the song in GPA, then I import it into EOF to get the sync. Then, I just go through the track first putting open notes for every note/chord I hear in the song, and then I go back and fill the notes in one at a time, using N or Next, as I check them on the guitar. Then I just copy and paste the repeating parts (I have overwrite on) correcting variations when needed. It's less daunting to me to do it in stages, and I can recheck my note positioning with a fresh perspective as I'm adding the fret numbers in.


    Does that make sense? Anyway, it would be greatly appreciated and make my hand charting soooo much faster.


    I have a Tom Waits song that I'm dying to do, but the whole thing is noodling, and I'm dreading the frustration of trying to plug all those notes in, while trying to decipher the notes by ear as I go. the way it's handled currently.


    Sorry for writing a novel, and thanks! :D


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  17. I'd been more or less waiting for any other feedback from authors/developers, but since nobody brought up any concerns, I'll make that change.




    I was just thinking the other day that I knew there was something broken and weird with ignores, but I couldn't remember what.


    So this issue aside, there is no problem with using ignores (in relation to them messing up scores or the percentage when completing the song)?

  18. My wife curses you for posting La'en ciel. She loves them and I mutilate the songs.


    Thank you for your CDLCs


    That is hilarious, and you are quite welcome!



    Here's a new L'Arc CDLC, Seventh Heaven!




    It's a pretty easy one, on guitar, as long you're ok with sliding octaves that span 4 frets. :)




    Thanks everybody!

  19. I guess that has something to do with how some of the beats had to be dropped for having timestamps that were before 0 seconds. Here's a Windows test build if you would like to verify whether it allows you to import the GPA file as expected:



    I keep hoping to get some time to finish the new pre-bend tech note status before formally releasing another hotfix, but life's been busy lately.


    Yup, that seems to have imported just fine, thanks :D

  20. For some reason, the first sync point has a negative timestamp. I've never seen a GPA XML file do this before, is this a feature of a newer version of Go PlayAlong? I'll probably have to have EOF ignore such sync points.


    Edit: I made the necessary changes and it imports now, but it's quite a bit off sync. I found that changing the delay (first beat position) to 75 (this is the millisecond time) and allowing EOF to adjust the notes accordingly fixes the sync reasonably well after having listened to it up to the end of the first chorus.



    I'm used to it being off sync, that's the known issue with GPA and LAME, isn't it? Normally I just have to drag the first line and line it up with wave, and it syncs perfectly




    In the meantime, here's the imported first guitar part with the corrected delay timing:



    You should be able to use normal GP import in this project to add the desired instrument parts.


    Thanks but I don't quite understand. I have it open in EOF and when I try to import the GP it gives me the same error.


    And yes, it is a newer GPA and I'm not too impressed with it so far. It's not the newest version, though. They wanted me to pay again for that. I'd tell you what version it is if they didn't hide that info. If you need it, let me know, and I'll go dig up the installer.

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