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Status Updates posted by Billkwando

  1. My PM box was automatically made "full" after the website change, unbeknownst to me, so if you want to reach me, email me at billkwando@yahoo.com

  2. Updating L'Arc - Link.... AGAIN! ;)

  3. I'll be uploading L'Arc "Hitomi no Jyuunin" soon. Been working on it for the past 2 weeks.

  4. I'll be uploading L'Arc "finale" in a little bit. Been working on it for the past 2 weeks.

  5. Working on L'Arc "Finale" and looking really hard at jojoushi, hitomi no jyuunin (sp)(sp)(sp) lol, winter fall, and dearest love

  6. I'm STILL working on finishing L'Arc - The Rain Leaves a Scar, which I started back in 2017, and has taken me like a month or 2 to finish since I have returned to it. Soon! :)

  7. Happy to say I'm working on finishing L'Arc - The Rain Leaves a Scar, which I started back in 2017! :)

  8. Just uploaded L'Arc - Garasu Dama :)

  9. I'm doing Garasudama, so back off beeyotches!! ;)

  10. Still I'm with you....More L'Arc coming...can't believe it's been a year since the last. Taste of Love will probably be next.

  11. I made a L'Arc-themed custom inlay! :) Just click the link in my sig, on any of my posts. Also doing 16 Shells by Tom Waits (live).

  12. Started on Tom Waits - Hoist That Rag yesterday, so folks can stop asking. LOL Fun fact: The guitar solo is 27 measures long. Good times for me.

  13. Currently working on transcribing Tom Waits - "Temptation", another favorite. It shouldn't take long since it's basically just some barre chords + bass :)

  14. Finishing up Tom Waits - "I'll Be Gone". Should be ready & up in the next couple hours. :)

  15. Working on Tom Waits - Underground and I'll finish it today, if I can.

  16. Cookin' up some Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

  17. Just uploaded Prince - Let's Go Crazy! Next up: L'Arc - Taste of Love!

  18. Not dead! Working on Prince - Let's Go Crazy (finally!) and L'Arc - Taste of Love.

  19. Just finished a new L'Arc CDLC, Seventh Heaven!

  20. Just finished a new L'Arc CDLC, Seventh Heaven!

  21. Put the MTH and Indigo Girls songs on hold to work on Garfunkel & Oates' The Loophole on guitar and ukelele (if I can get uke to work)

  22. 2 week vacation! Currently working on Maximum the Hormone - "Bikini Sports Ponchin", Luka Bloom - "Delirious", Indigo Girls' "The Girl with the Weight of the World in Her Hands"....all at the same time. LOL

  23. Working on Indigo Girls' Land Of Canaan. I've been wanting to play that acoustic guitar solo for 25 years or so.

  24. Woring on charting Hirakawachi 1-chome's Christmas single, Kitto Santa ga ("Surely, Santa"). It's gonna be fun and easy! Google it! :)

  25. Uploaded CDLCs for Ryunosuke Hayashi (older Hirakawachi bro) and Maximum the Hormone. Now I'm working on Hirakawachi 1-chome's Tokyo. This is a really big deal to me, as hira1 was the 1st JP band my wife and I fell in love with. In fact, we heard L'Arc, for the 1st time, at the same time as them, and went "Meh, I like these little dudes better". Hyde: "Are You Ready??" Us: "Nope, not quite yet, bbl". :D

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