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Member Since 22 Feb 2014
OFFLINE Last Active Sep 01 2014 04:57 PM


03 March 2014 - 05:18 AM

Hello Everyone,


I have been trying to learn electric guitar for quite some time now. Unfortunately, the process is not going well for me.

The main reason i grew interest in electric guitars is the insane solos by guitarists like Buckethead, Neil zaza .. etc. I am okay with the fact that i need a lot of patience to reach this level of playing. However, i faced the following issues and i would like to know your opinion about it.


1) Exercises bore the living shit out of me. Is it possible to skip the 1-2-3-4 exercises and jump straight to easy songs on Rocksmith and work my way up to harder songs.


2) I have a case called trigger finger, my pinky gets locked while playing. Some say it requires a surgery and others say that practicing would make the finger improve by time. If any of you had the same case, please share you experience with me.


3) My hand is really small , is this going to be limiting for me, meaning that i am going to be stuck with simple songs (no shredding in the "far" future)!


4) I have an awful time learning chord switching no matter how hard i exercise, single notes seem to be a lot easier to me, is this normal?


5) The first song i have tried to learn on RS is REM - Losing my religion because i like it and it seemed easy. i managed to play the single notes part on full speed and highest difficulty but for the chords part what am playing sounds completely different than the song itself because RS doesn't show the strumming pattern. Now, this song is popular so i think i could get the strumming pattern by googling it, but what about the less known songs?


6) Dynamic Difficulty vs Accelerometer. Should i use one of them or a combination of both? which one would be more beneficial to me on the long term? is there a "better method" here or is it just a matter of personal preferences..


I don't want to sound like a quitter because hey, Marc Playle plays with one hand and a hook but well, realistically speaking i dont have that kind of determination and i have this feeling that by facing all of these issues combined at start , am not going to reach any good level.


Thanks in advance for your replies