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How to use Custom DLCs in RS2014 Remastered


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Apologies in advanced if this is duplicative... Using mac and early this year my CDLC wouldnt work (click it and the just freezes) and after much research I gave up. Coming back to see if someone could point me to the right direction or thread on how to get this working again. I really really miss playing!

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If you go onto the Discord channel, there is a space dedicated to Mac with pins and the experts arr very helpful and interactive.

That’s your best bet, really, rather than repost it all here. (I have. Mac too, so I fan assure you the problem has a solution.)

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My CDLC doesn't seem to show up after tuning. I see the sound wave, but nothing else

- I installed the tool linked on the first page of this forum,

- I bought Cherub Rock

- I moved my CDLC on the DLC folder and I see them in rocksmith

Am I missing anything ? I noticed In the video there is a DLL file (D3DX9_42...) we need to manually move. Is this still relevant in 2023 ? If yes, where is the link ?

Thanks ! 

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2 minutes ago, Lolo_Abdo said:

DLL file (D3DX9_42...) we need to manually move. Is this still relevant in 2023 ? If yes, where is the link ?

Most definitely relevant today. It should have automatically installed if you ran the DLC enabler that was in the link above the video


If that does not work, Nick Beat has made available on his site the .dll. Be sure to thank him for it.


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11 minutes ago, Janttr said:

The Cherub DLC is no longer available on steam. Anyway around this issue?

You will have to buy (any) another (original non custom) DLC (off of Steam) and use Customs Forge Song Manager (if using PC) and change your CDLC APPID or SONGID to the songid to that DLC you downloaded from Steam.

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As my colleague @ Sniper Reload3d  pointed out earlier, Cherub Rock is not absolutely essential (I’ve never had it) but there is a little more work involved if you don’t have it.

If you’re on Mac, there’s an alternative utility which will get you where you need to go.

It’s your call which road you take.


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Por si les sirve de ayuda para los que tienen PS3   y con juego original RockSmith 2014, comprar una canción en la PlayStationStore para que cree la carpeta DLC dentro del juego. Luego copiar los DLC (en formato para PS3) dentro de la carpeta DLC del juego y funciona. 

En mi caso, PS3 Slim con HEN 4.90  y con  el juego original en disco físico y me lo  actualizó a REMASTERED al conectarlo , luego  compré una canción (no está disponible Cherub Rock... bueno prácticamente no quedan canciones disponibles)   ya que es como crea la carpeta DLC dentro del directorio USRDIR  del juego.

Luego con IRISMAN o con otro Gestor de Archivos para la PS3, se pueden pasar los DLC descargados  y convertidos a formato para PS3 . En mi caso con un USB con formato FAT32  ( ya se puede hacer con formato NFTS  pero "porsiaca"). Copiar de la carpeta del USB (o soporte donde tengan los DLC )  a la carpeta DLC de dentro del juego y funciona

Lo dicho... por si le sirve de ayuda a alguien ya que  después de mucho investigar por todos lados  hasta ir averiguando como lograrlo  esto es lo que  me ha funcionado finalmente  y como no tengo claro si se puede compartir los enlaces  de varios videos de YouTube que son los que me sirvieron de ayuda y por  eso no los he añadido.

Millones de gracias a tod@s los que hacen posible tener tan extenso catálogo de DCL  .


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2 hours ago, Duende said:

no está disponible Cherub Rock


Si miras mi publicación anterior, verás que Cherub Rock volvió a estar en la tienda y está disponible para descargar. Fue eliminado prematuramente. Sin embargo, tu publicación será más que útil para aquellos que tengan una PS3 en el futuro, gracias.

If you look at my above post, you will see that Cherub Rock was put back in the store and is available for download. It was prematurely removed.
Your post will be more than helpful to those with a PS3 in the future though, thank you.


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Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction, I recently bought Rocksmith 2014 (Remastered) on steam a long with The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock (DLC)

Only just learnt about this forum, where do I download the custom DLCs and the Tool to make them work with  The Smashing Pumpkins - “Cherub Rock (DLC)




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At the top of the page see Ignition4 Search to find CDLC. And again at the top, see Use CDLC for instructions.

If you need help sorting it out, you will get quicker response o our Discord channel (see Discord at top).

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