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How to use Custom DLCs in RS2014 Remastered


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I can confirm it still works today with:

Rocksmith 2014 Remasterd


one official DLC that was packed with the software I bought (not Cherub Rock in my case, but Bob Marley - Three little birds)


Song Creator Toolkit (2019 version downloaded today)


the explanations given in this thread


to check which DLC you already have, before purchasing a new one, take a look at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc

in my case I have 13 files e.g. bobmthre_p.psarc

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I have just bought the game on Steam and installed it, and i was buy cdlc Cherub Rock on Steam ..i see in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc 

Cherub Rock...It is in library but i can see it in a game , what do I have to do?

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i send message to steam support:


I bought a dlc song for rocksmith remastered pc version. The song is rocksmith 2014 remastered- the smashing pumpkins - "cherub rock" .dlc .I see on steam that it was installed but when i run the game there is no that song in a geme .I was installed rocksmith on 3 computers windows 10 pro and windows 7 ultimate I can't see the song in any way at all, I always have the same problem.


answer of Steam:

I see this DLC was added to your account. It won't show up separately in your Library. Instead, it will be automatically added to the base game.

Whenever you're not sure about owning a DLC, you can check it by right-clicking the base game in your Library and selecting "View downloadable content".

Some DLCs need you to play the game further to access the content, so if you see the DLC in the list but you don't see it in the game, get in touch with the game's support to find out how to access it.

Steam Support


The question is do I need to cross a certain part of the game to have my dlc active????



The question is whether I need to cross a certain part of the game to have my dlc active.

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Hey Guys how are you doing? Sorry I'd need some help please.

I think I did everything I saw in 2 videos but maybe there something new to do right now.

I downloaded the .dll and paste it. That's done. Then I downloaded the toolkit and changed the custom App ID to a song I purchased (Amaranthine) didn't work. Then I tried with Supermassive Black Hole - Muse. It's still not working. Can't see my cdlc showing on the game to play it. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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@@firekorn Hi sir thanks for replying.
No, I placed the .dll file on the "main" folder you can say. I think that's correct? I placed nothing on the DLC folder, since I already own 2 "legal" DLC's. So I didn't buy Cherub Rock as I read it's not necessary if I already purchased another DLC. Then with the toolkit I tried choosing both but it seems like neither of them works properly by enabling to play the CDLC's I downloaded and placed these in the DLC folder. First by creating them a separate folder but then I just placed them on the DLC folder with the rest of DLC'S together.

Expecting your answer, so excited about playing.

Have a nice day :)

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Oh umm I didn't make them. download link: Time Lapse: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l0xile1k8x6663c/Poppin%2527Party_Time-Lapse_v1_p.psarc/file

Neo-Aspect: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gazq7aah6h0arul/Roselia_Neo-Aspect_v1_p.psarc/file

So I have to modify the AppID of these CDLC's? How? o.o they're probably made for Cherub rock for sure

Hey I did it! Everything's working :D I just had to update the App ID of each CDLC, I didn't know that I had to do that. I was updating Supermassive black hole LUL. So I have to update each cdlc i download, now i understand

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HELP... I brought a new laptop because my old one blew-up. I purchased a new laptop from Best-Buys and had the Greek Squad transfer over all my file including the entire Rocksmith files and CDLCs. Everything is there. Yet, when I go to play a CDLC it tunes the guitar and the locks up before the song starts. Regular Rocksmith works fine just the CDLCs do not work. IS IT THAT IT IS A DIFFERENT COMPUTER?

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Tengo cherub rock, puse el dll en el directorio raíz y no me cargaba el juego, descargué un patcher que vi en un video y tampoco. Me aparecen en el juego pero cuando le doy, se queda congelado justo después de afinar. 

¿Sabéis qué estoy haciendo mal? Estoy usando la versión no cable.


Ya encontré la solución, hacía falta un archivo D3DX9_42.dll actualizado para la versión con el crack. Este archivo es distinto al que viene en este hilo, aunque tenga el mismo nombre.


Espero os ayude esto.

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