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Sorted Song by Difficulty? (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert Etc)


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Not sure if this has been brought up but as a early guitar player I'd loved to sort music by their difficulty. Not everyone has dynamic difficulty on the songs so it's difficult to try to start learning those. Would be nice to be able to filter out the easier songs without dynamic difficulty or just filter in general.

Let me know what you think!

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A bit offtopic my reply, but I personally, as a non beginner hated the Dynamic Difficulty (DD). I think it is just not so good. It is better to slow down the chart in practice mode and practice what is written in the chart.

However, I do not know, that in the Database they got information about with DD or without DD. Maybe not.

Maybe Customs Forge Song Manager can add you missing DDs. But I am not sure in this, because never used that option in CFSM.

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