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Bass for N.E.R.D. - Lapdance (Feat. Vita and Lee Harvey) [WW Rock Version]


N.E.R.D. (Featuring Nine Inch Nails)- Lapdance ReMix

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Bwaredapenguin deleted his account and now I can only find the song he made on Youtube, I wonder if someone could create a CDLC out of it? Or a new one, I really want to play it with Rocksmith, I know it'll be faster to learn it.

The song is : When my train pulls in, by Gary Clark J. 



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I would love to learn more songs from Broadway musicals.

There are already a few songs from Heathers. I think a few other fun ones would be:
-Candy Store
-Dead Girl Walking
-Meant to be yours

What I would REALLY love to learn are some songs from Bare: A Pop Opera
-You and I
-Plain Jane Fatass
-911! Emergency!

Thank you to anyone and everyone will to make this happen!
Much appreciated!

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