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Hi all,

First post here.

I am bulgarian and I really enjoy our local bulgarian alternative/rock bands, so could I ask someone who's familiar with them to upload and make some Rocksmith songs of the following bands/albums:

1. Animacionerite - Plus, Mistery, Ima Risk and/or other

2. P.I.F. - songs like Prikazka, Spomen, Syn v Synq and/or other

3. Ostava - any of their songs

4. Doni & Momchil - any of their songs

5. Klas - any of their old songs like Divi Kone, Reka si Ti & so on

This would be great and a lot of people will enjoy playing them even those of you who arent bulgarian!

I really hope someone will answer my call!

Thanks & have a good one!

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9 hours ago, musicguy321 said:

If you get a chance could you make my request please. Ive been trying to get the ending solo for like forever.

Im doing Bass only, and I need gp? files. However if you can provide me the gp file and a mp3, I will take a look. Not promising anything 😉

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18 hours ago, axcental2 said:

I feel like Devil Trigger or Bury The Light both by Casey Edwards would be pretty fun to play. 

Devil Trigger:


Bury The Light:


I love Devil Trigger. I listen to it constantly (Now even.) The song sounds simple enough to play but it is a song that would get me hyped enough I won't care. Unlike when I downloaded Linkin Park before I got into CDLC. Linkin Park was so boring to play

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