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Hi there !

I'm looking for Gun Club bass tabs everywhere but so hard to find... Do you know this band ?
Looking especialy from Lucky Jim and Fire of Love albums (you should listen to them)

Most wanted songs : Anger Blues and Idiot Waltz

And guitar riffs are awsome so i think it can interest guitarists too 🙂


Not verry hard bass lines I think, but i'm a begginner so i can't make them by my own 😞

Can someone help ? 🙂

Thanks !

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On 10/9/2020 at 1:49 PM, SilverTongue said:

I looked up the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, they don't have Cornflake. Really great song, highly recommend. Seems like a alot of fun to play on guitar 

Check again 🙂


Visit my workshop to see what I'm currently working on!

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Hello there!

Im Spanish and i dont see a lot of rock songs of my country here, so thats it, i have a lot of ideas of bands like Boikot, Desastre, Ska-p, Desakato... Even Pop-Rock like Amaral and La Oreja de Van Gogh.

But i have in my mind the last week this song:

Soltando Lastre - Desastre.

Thank you All

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Hi I was wondering anyone can make some Sevendust CDLC for coustomsforge ? please

off the Album All I see is war can you do, Dirty and Risen

off the album Kill the Flaw, Thank you, and Death dance

off the album Chapter VII can you do Inside

off the album Cold day memory, Forever Dead and Unraveling

and off the album Alpha can you do Driven

All songs for lead and rhythm guitar

with dynamic difficulty


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