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Looking for some final fantasy 14 songs to be made. I am willing to pay through PayPal whoever is looking forward to doing this request since i really want to get to play them. (Can discuss price because i am not to sure how much to pay for someone to do this). If you are willing to do this request, hit me up! Also feel free to choose which song you are comfortable with doing!







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first time here for requesting songs :D

I really would love to play:

Harakiri For The Sky - Thanatos


Harakiri For The Sky - The Traces We Leave

Both songs have beautiful melodies <3


Thanks in advance!

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Missing songs from My Hero Academia such as:

1. KANA-BOON - Star Marker (MHA season 4 opening 2)

2. Ryokuoushoku Shakai - Shout Baby (MHA season 4 ending 2)

3. UVERworld - ODD FUTURE (MHA season 3 opening 1)

4. Masaki Suda - Long Hope Philia (MHA season 3 ending 2)

5. Lenny Code Fiction - Make My Story (MHA season 2 opening 2)


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1 hour ago, d1duck said:

How do we not already have N.I.B. by Black Sabbath? Someone please let me know if I've overlooked it. 


Looks like you missed it
Here's another version too

Ea3cCUQ.png                                               "Be excellent to each others"-Kurokotei / 黒皇帝                                                Gh59blB.png

My todo list (majorly outdated)                                           Modding thread (dead)                                        500 songs hype

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Myrath songs are some of the best cdlcs available. Anyone willing to try some songs from their new albums?





Myrath-You've Lost Yourself


Myrath - Monster In My Closet


Myrath-I Want to Die


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