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Hi Creators!


I was hoping that maybe someone out there loves Eagles of Death Metal as much I do.  They have a number of songs that would be awesome for Rocksmith.  Just a few . . . 


Poor Doggie: 


Cherry Cola: 


Speaking in Tongues: 


I Got a Feelin': 


So Easy:  


 . . . but really the catalog of this band is just great!  If anyone out there is interested, any of the songs above would great to add to the forge!

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Could and would someone make more songs from Avatar? I see Silence in the age of apes went up recently and that is Awesome. I would love to see Puppet Show, God of Sick Dreams, and pretty much all their songs. I'm a Bass player so even if its just the Bass part I would be most greatful Thanx in advance.


https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sc8PDNJia8&feature=share  Puppet Show


https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=x8wJ-9aJenM&feature=share God of Sick Dreams



I'm new to forums and such and didn't know how to make songs/videos show on this post like others.

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It's been a while since I made any requests, might end up making these myself but I have a few oldies songs that have pretty great bass in them:



  • How Much I Feel
  • Biggest Part of Me
  • You're the Only Woman



  • Ventura Highway
  • Lonely People


Only interested in the bass which conveniently is the easiest to chart. If anyone wants to work on these, start with America, & thanks so much!

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Wondering if anyone would want to work on "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" by Plain White T's? It was a great song off of Saints Row 2, and I think the guitar and bass lines are super interesting to play.


I could get you some isolated lines as best I can, as well as sync the lyrics up as well if you want to. Just send me a PM if you want to work together on it. I think it'd be really fun!


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