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CDLC Requests


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A few requests:


Bruno Major: (Literally any of his songs)


The Backseat Lovers: Pool House or Maple Syrup


Sarah and the Sundays: Ghost (Reprise)


Jeremy Zucker: (Literally any of his songs)


Lewis Watson: summer jamz 18


Houndmouth: (Literally any of their songs)

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Just 2 requests and 1 note....

First : All the songs of the album "Nine Lives" by Aerosmith are no longer available on customforge, the download is an "error"... :huh:

So the requests : A nice french song, "Eteins la lumière" from Axel Bauer :https://youtu.be/7mpZh5JKVDM

And "Let the music do the talking" from Aerosmith, album "Done with Mirrors".

Thanks guys and take care of the rock !  :lol:

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Me again, what about


Eagles - Take It To The Limit. for bass pls (got JamesPrestonUK  all over it)


I will be able to give those high vocal parts a go. A fail for sure. Thanks people


Oh go on then, you smooth talker ;-) I have promised to do Let's Spend The Night Together (it's more complicated than it sounds - honest!) so it could see an appearance over the weekend. 

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I chart BASS PARTS ONLY. Requests for guitar parts will be ignored. Ok? 

Twitter updates: @jamesprestonuk

Website: www.JamesPrestonUK.com/bass

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A few songs I wouldn't mind if anyone is up for it. Much appreciated if anyone makes them.   :)


Kings of Leon - Ragoo

Kings of Leon - Fans

Kings of Leon - Beautiful War

Kings of Leon - Temple

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me

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I'm not expecting all or even any of these to be made, but I've been checking every day to see if I get lucky to see some of these... so I thought I'd share just in case there's a very generous fellow out there.



Slipknot - Prosthetics (from their self-titled)


Anything from the latest New Found Glory album (Himalaya, Trophy, Greatest of All Time are some highlights)


Anything from Fireworks (the Detroit, MI band. They are/were so underrated... I can't believe they have nothing on customsforge.)


Anything from The Movielife (Preferably This Time Next Year, their best album. Has A Gambling Problem EP is also very nice.)


Anything from Knuckle Puck (there's some up on here... even some from their best album Copacetic, but they could have a few more. Shapeshifter album?)


Anything from The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (seriously how is this not on here?)

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Hey everybody!


I was wondering if someone could do maybe some outlaw/alt. country like Tyler Childers? Or Colter Wall or Sturgill SImpson?


Preferably some Childers like:


Whitehouse Road: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOIJecsnaWg

Detroit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e84BRhdaIQ


or anything at all from his discography.


I tried making the customs myself but had no luck!


Thanks!  :)

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