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Hi all! 


Found really nice cover to The Animals - The House of the Rising Sun. Also this guy has a Guitar Pro file to download. Maybe anyone can make it?




Also in the list there is a bass version of Bowling for soup - I ran so far away, but no lead and rhythm guitars, also would be nice to have in collection...




Thanks in advance!

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Nice (ok I've been waiting for this don't judge)

And to stay on topic here's some songs that's aren't gonna get done

(slight nsfw warning to album links on bandcamp, some bobs)

The last battalion, awesome circle. Djent/progressive metal arranges influenced by meshuga, less so on their newer stuff where they go for more genre variety but it's still awesome "In The Wake Of Scarlet Devil" probably my fav album of theirs. Their first album Obizen is literally meshuga, this song is clearly bleed.
Anyway about this one, Great arrange of Remilias theme, probably in F standard.

Here's their bandcamp if you want to check out some more 


Eh this is less of a request and more of a band recommendation, oh well.

One more while I'm here then. Silent difference, great progressive metal/djenty/death metal stuff, check them out if you want. unfortunately they only made one album BELIAL but it is a banger. Full on metal (mostly) with mad whistle screams, it's like DIR EN GREY on crack or something.

I guess that's it then.

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My todo list (majorly outdated)                                           Modding thread (dead)                                        500 songs hype

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