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So Oceans of Slumber released a new single, and it inspired me to pick up my bass again. I was always a filthy casual, but real life man...

Anyway. It'd be amazing if someone did any of their songs.


Also, everyone deserves to know Oceans of Slumber, because they're amazing


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1) The Good in Everyone


2) If It Feels Good Do It


3) Everything You've Done Wrong


4) 400 meters


5) Losing California


6) People of the Sky


7) Penpals


8) I Hate My Generation


9) Coax Me


10) Shame Shame


11) Deeper Than Beauty



12) Before I Do



13) Who Taught You To Live Like That



14) Ill placed Trust



15) Money City Maniacs



16) On The Horizon



17) Friendship



18) Delivering Maybes



19) I've Got to Try



20) All Used Up


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I am new and I really really appreciate the energy folks put into content. Its absolutely amazing! I am a fan of the platform. I would like to request a couple of songs.

Safe and Sound by Tylor Swift (instrumental only) 
Falling by Trevor Daniel 

The tabs are available on Ultimate Guitar Tabs (Google play store) or I can send screenshots of the tabs via email.

Much love and thanks!

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hi i have a few requests 

1 anything by steve terreberry

2 murder at midnight  Powerwolf.

3 anything by reinxeed/majestica. (sabatons guitarist) preferably "we must go faster" or "above the sky"

4 anything by imperanon

5 anything by powerquest



dynamic levelling preferred

Glad to donate if any of my coices are uploaded.

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One of the Top 10 Canadian Classic Rock Songs with a wicked solo

Mama Let Him Play - Jerry Doucette

I came across recently a series of youtube videos with lessons for the song, including the solo.

He also offers the tabs in a dropbox link on the video's description.


Intro and Chorus - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33pSeufE5WA

Solo part 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx-dRE8Fr4Q

Solo part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7jpsRIjVas


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Hopeful Sixteen - Unstoppable (Sia Cover)


this metal cover of Paul Metal Dump


this Guitar Cover from Andrew Castilho (seems to be most "rocksmith like")


this Guitar Cover from Artur Black (he's playing the vocal parts with Guitar and it sounds wonderful)


this cover from Apis


this Guitar Cover from Michael Sobin


this Guitar Cover from Sebastien Corso (sounds a bit weird on some points but seems to have fun playing it)

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