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Hey everyone!

I'm hoping that someone would be willing to chart "Blinded" by Third Eye Blind - lead and/or rhythm.

The tuning is FACFAE and both songsterr and ultimate guitar have tab posted that sound close (I have terrible pitch so... take that with a grain of salt) when I play them, but I'm also a beginner so it might be wishful thinking. You can tell when they play it live that the tabs some people have done with it in standard tuning are off.

This is probably my favourite TEB song so I'd love to learn to play, and right now Rocksmith is my primary teacher.

Here's the Music Video as well!

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Please anyone... this version is bad ass!!

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OK, so I didn't realize there was a place to mention requests, and have been saving up... :) .  A number of these are available on bass, but not guitar:


  • Psychedelic Furs:

    • Forever Now

    • Love My Way

  • T. Rex:

    • Jeepster

    • The Slider

    • Ride a White Swan

    • Metal Guru

    • Children of the Revolution

  • Devo:

    • Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy

    • Uncontrollable Urge

    • Mongoloid

    • Freedom Of Choice

    • Blockhead

    • Going Under

  • U2:

    • The Unforgettable Fire (currently bass only)

    • The Electric Co (currently bass only)

    • One (currently bass only)

    • 11 O’Clock Tick Tock

    • Bullet the Blue Sky

    • Red Hill Mining Town (currently bass only)

    • One Tree Hill (currently bass only)

    • Two Hearts Beat As One (currently bass only)

  • Garbage:

    • Supervixen

    • Vow

    • Not my Idea

  • The Levellers:

    • One Way

  • Squeeze:

    • Is that Love 

    • Cool for Cats

    • Another Nail in My Heart

  • David Bowie:

    • Putting Out Fire (Cat People)

    • Ashes to Ashes

    • China Girl

  • The Lemonheads:

    • It’s a Shame About Ray

  • Letters to Cleo:

    • Here and Now

  • ​Republica

    • ​Ready to Go

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could do these songs for some CDLC. I would love to see Twisted and Whiskey Road from Dimebag. And the Pantera Power metal Album. Great job on all the CDLC I think these songs would make an amazing addition for Dimebag and pantera fans. I'm pretty sure twisted has bass guitar in it but I'm not sure about whiskey road. Hopefully lol 


And Physcho Holiday!

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