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CDLC Requests


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More guitar jazz - John Scofield, John McLaughlin, George Benson, Larry Coryell, Ronny Jordan. Tie up albums tracks like Santana with McLaughlin, Steve Lukather with Larry Carlton, etc.


Any Gil Scott-Heron, Brand New Heavies, Flaming Lips. Gram Parsons. Jeff Beck. ‘Forever changes’ album by Love. ‘Peg’ by Steely Dan


Earlyish U2 and REM - more tracks from ‘October’ would be great.


One of my favourite guiatar solos, Dweezil Zappa playing the guitar solo on ‘Sharleena’ on ‘You can’t do that on stage anymore Vol 3’


Generally live versions of classic already heavily downloaded tracks.

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any luck with this one


Only  Bass 

thanks  anyway


A 4 minute version will be up tomorrow. Just need to test it.

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I chart BASS PARTS ONLY. Requests for guitar parts will be ignored. Ok? 

Twitter updates: @jamesprestonuk

Website: www.JamesPrestonUK.com/bass

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I would love to see Hollow by Nobuo Uematsu.

Its the credits theme from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake that just released.

It would be awesome to learn to play this song because it has a good balance of rhythmic chords at the beginning and leads into a solo in the middle, then back to the chords for the end.

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A few band requests, please.  Most have not made an appearance on Rocksmith yet:

H.e.a.t, Crazy Lixx, Khymera, Hardline, Slaughter, Vixen, Sister Sin, Liv Sin, Burning Witches, Celestial Ruin, Lee Aaron, Poison, and Dee Snider.

All songs are linked to YouTube audio.  Thank you in advance, if anyone gets around to these!  If anything, I hope you enjoy the tracks.



  1. Better Off Alone
  2. Need Her
  3. Keep On Dreaming

Crazy Lixx

  1. Dr Hollywood
  2. Eagle
  3. Silent Thunder


  1. Walk Away
  2. A Night To Remember
  3. Grand Design


  1. Fever Dreams
  2. Everything
  3. Dr. Love


  1. Desperately
  2. You're My Everything
  3. Spend My Life


  1. Only A Heartbeat Away
  2. Love Made Me
  3. Fallen Hero

Sister Sin

  1. Desert Queen
  2. Fight Song
  3. Au Revoir

Liv Sin

  1. Chapter Of The Witch
  2. The Beast Inside
  3. Blood Moon Fever

Burning Witches

  1. Hexenhammer
  2. The Final Fight
  3. Black Widow

Celestial Ruin

  1. Sense of Exile
  2. Nevermore
  3. Firestorm

Lee Aaron

  1. Powerline
  2. Hands On
  3. Whatcha Do To My Body


  1. Cry Tough
  2. Ride The Wind
  3. Ride Child Ride

Dee Snider

  1. American Made
  2. Tomorrow's No Concern
  3. Over Again



I apologize for such a lengthy request list.  Unfortunately, I don't have any reliable tab sources.

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Can someone PLEASE make any Car Seat Headrest charts. They are my favorite band and I'd like to learn their songs in my favorite way (plus a lot of their songs get removed from GuitarTabs.) Esp. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales (Single Version) and Beach-Life-In-Death.

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there is a lot of CDCL Japanese music (games, anime theme ones) around, but, there is a little music which is actually listened by people in japan, i have been living in like a 10 years and there is bands whom makes great music not that autotune-crap  but sadly i just cant make no sh#$"!#" with the tools in here, i just do not have the time to learn it so i can share this song with the community.. and there is a few of them, hope some one is interested and send me pm i have the scores for some

shiina ringo : maru no uchi sadistic 
there is a live version with his new band tokyo incidents (tokyo jihen)
but she was always a solo and  went with this basist  and other musicians from other bands  


crazy ken band : Tiger & dragon 
is a jazzy fusion rock very nice and fun to play, had a great groove 


hope some give a chance...

and i can tell if you like a Japanese lady and you can play some of this, she (he) will be impressed, but if you only can play like an anime song or like a dir en grey o babymetal is probably will be like :huh: 


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Sinergy songs, ther's like 4-5 made but they have the best solos ever IMO, if anyone does any of their songs which are not made you'll have a special place in my heart forever :D i tried to do some but i really failed, might give it another try but if someone can make tab easily that would be awesome. Thx whoever you are!!!

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Some time ago Unleashed2k started a "Seether discography project" and he got most of the earlier albums covered well with only a couple of songs missing (for example "Love her", "Got it made") and then after that some people have done a couple of songs from "Holding onto strings better left to fray" but that album got quite overlooked. Songs like "Fur cue", "Master of Disaster", "Forsaken" and "Fade out" would be greatly appreciated. "Poison the Parish" got only a couple of songs made as well - loved "Sell your soul" and "Something else" on this one.


I am looking for lead/rhytm guitar versions of at least the 8 songs mentioned above. I don’t think anyone will put out the effort to finish the discography project and I know asking for 8 songs is already probably pretty brutal but honestly any one of those would make me totally love you!


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