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CDLC Requests


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Unlucky Morpheus - Phantom Blood(lead guitar) - I had a go at this but it was my first time doing a chart and couldn't get it to work. I would be really grateful if anyone can chart it.


Unlucky Morpheus - Knight of Sword(lead guitar)


Unlucky Morpheus - Black Pentagram(lead guitar)

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Hi, i would really appreciate if someone does a guitar CDLC for Screaming - Band Maid or any Band Maid song to be honest, for long i've been searching for tabs but it's hard to find them. 






i hope someone have time to do this, also i hope you like this band as much as i do :)

Yes I agree.  I would particularly appreciate anything (or especially Thrill) from New Beginning, with bass included. As i play bass, obviously. :)

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Would love to see some more blind melon.  Basically anything off of the first self titled album:

1. "Soak the Sin" 4:01 2. "Tones of Home" 4:26 3. "I Wonder" 5:31 4. "Paper Scratcher" 3:14 5. "Dear Ol' Dad" 3:02 6. "Change" 3:41 7. "No Rain" 3:37 8. "Deserted" 4:20 9. "Sleepyhouse" 4:29 10. "Holyman" 4:47 11. "Seed to a Tree" 3:29 12. "Drive" 4:39 13. "Time" 6:02

I know that no rain is already downloadable which I have done, but I would love to see more old blind melon content, especially "tones of home", "Change" and "I wonder"......that whole album is fantastic and I would love to learn those tracks !!  Thanks to anyone that can make that happenor help me to make that happen...Cheers!!


Actually Galaxie would be another track to add to this blind melon list.

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I have a bunch of requests, so I'm just going to put them all here and maybe if there are songs that a creator likes, he or she can do them?


BEACH HOUSE - I want more Beach House songs! There are some great ones on the newest album, and lots of good ones that haven't been done before! Beach House is great!


High on Fire - Face of Oblivion would be a great one!


Manowar - Anything off the Triumph of Steel album


Type o Negative - More Type O is always a good thing!


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So, I propose only for enthusiasts QOTSA     "Can't you quit me baby "     in full version.


and fo the connoisseurs a french group : DETROIT and the single       " Sa Majesté"


thank you very much for your help ;)


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Hey all! I love the guitar parts for all of these songs, I'd greatly appreciate any help or if you're interested in making the CLDC. I'm trying to figure out how to make my own CLDC.


Peach Pit - "Tommy's Party"

Peach Pit - "Sweet FA"



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