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Hello everyone!

I like to ask someone to make the entire Star Lord Band - Space Rider album if possible?

interested in Guitar Lead, Rhythm, and Bass arrangements. 


Star Lord Band - "Zero To Hero" (3:21)
Star Lord Band - "Bit Of Good (Bit Of Bad)" (5:25)
Star Lord Band - "Ghost" (5:43)
Star Lord Band - "Watch Me Shine" (4:59)
Star Lord Band - "We're Here" (5:20)
Star Lord Band - "Space Riders With No Names" (3:55)
Star Lord Band - "All For One" (4:19)
Star Lord Band - "The Darkness Inside" (7:50)

I know it is a huge task to ask but I would love to learn these songs.

Many Thanks!



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Fatso Forgotso by Kyuss    the way this song completely changes midway through from heavy sludge to funk groovieness is bonkers as                 and just listen to that BASS



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Please, someone, re-upload some Arctic Monkeys songs. Some links are broken. For example:

Old Yellow Bricks

Secret Door

If You Were There, Beware

My Propeller


Also, can you add dome their songs from Humbug and Favourite Worst Nightmare 

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Joan Jett version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.  Please include a bass arrangement.

Dark Acoustic version of Aviator's Mechanical Instinct.  Again, I'd like a bass arrangement.  (If you click the link, you can probably hear why. 😆)

NateWantsToBattle's metal cover of MandoPony's Purple.  Again, please include the bass.

Jonathan Young's metal/rock cover of the Skyrim Theme.  You should know by know what I want included in the arrangements. 😆

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