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11 minutes ago, MOYFAS said:

Tom Robinson Band  2-4-6-8 Motorway

bass for me it is ok

thank you

Good call. I'll take a look at that tomorrow.

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I chart BASS PARTS ONLY. Requests for guitar parts will be ignored. Ok? 

Twitter updates: @jamesprestonuk

Website: www.JamesPrestonUK.com/bass

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Aephenemer just released a really great album. And there is a song in french, based on a very famous painting : Le Radeau de la Méduse.
This song (and the whole band btw) is very good and I would be very grateful if someone could make this song on Rocksmith (Guitar) !

Thanks 🙂


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4 hours ago, zargoslord said:

Bonjour quelqu'un pourrait me dire si il a la chanson de paul young "Come Back and Stay" Merci par avance.

Tu auras plus de chance en anglais 😉

=> Hello, would someone have Come Back and Stay by Paul Young ? Thanks

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Shovel Knight OST - Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage


Haven't seen anyone make this one yet. Pls could someone make a custom of this.
Would be eternally grateful to that person. Love this game (and I think this game deserves more love on customsforge.com).

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Hello!  First post... long time CDLC troll.  😉   

Here are my requests...  I love music, love the bass even more.   I'd also like to try my hand on making CDLCs as well so hopefully the resources here are helpful and easy cuz it's challenging finding CDLCs that I'd love to play.  Anyway... on to my requests!


Bass Arrangements Preferred

The Japanese House
- Saw You In a Dream
- Maybe You're The Reason
- Something Has to Change
- Landslide (cover)

Vertical Horizon (preferrably tracks from Echoes from the Underground)
- Best I've Ever Had
- Instamatic
- Consolation
- Evermore
- I Free You
- South for the Winter
- All of You

The Bird and the Bee
- I'm Into Something Good (cover)

Robbie Williams
- The Christmas Present album (any/all tracks)

Any good Xmas songs with good BASS. 🙂


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This is always something I've wanted to try. Pino and NIN, a knockout punch. Any consideration to do this song is appreciated regardless. I would specifically want the bass line of course.  TIA

It is specifically this performance Im looking for, as the original version of the song is already out there for us, and is much diff without Pino etc.


Edited by Collector
Adding clarification of version
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This might be a very obscure pick for a request, but there doesn't seem to be any guitar tabs for this cover online. I'm a newbie who can't pick on chords or notes just by ear. I'd be greatful if someone could atleast just make the lead guitar.

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Would be very grateful if someone were to do Fall Out Boy 20 dollar nose bleed (guitars) and Fall Out Boy - Ive got this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers (guitars).

The first one used to have an upload on here that I still have the file for but it was broken and crashed the game part way through so was removed from the site. 

Any help is much appreciated!



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