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15 minutes ago, BluntWhisperer said:

It would be super cool to see someone try and tackle some Sleeping Giant songs.  Finished people would be a sick one to start with, but there are a bunch of songs that riff super hard. 

Sleeping Giant - Clutches

Sleeping Giant - Dead Men Walking

Bent Life - Cheat Death


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Literally any juice wrld songs, I don't care which, but if I had to pick, lean wit me armed and dangerous and Empty would be the ones, I don't know how converting songs with no guitar in them  works, but I know its possible, much appreciated  

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OK, so I'm new (and currently filling my drive with cdlc goodness (is there such thing as TOO MUCH choice?!)

No, there isn't. I know I won't be able to play basically anything, but that's the push I need to play I guess. Plus those DD files sound ideal.


So anyway I'd love to see some (Rhythm or Lead) - 

Sarah McLachlan - Just anything from her really is good

Butterfly Boucher - Another White Dash / I Can't Make Me / Life Is Short 

Ash - Jesus Says / A Life Less Ordinary

Blur (my all-time favourite band) - This Is a Low (I promised myself I'd learn this before I kick the bucket) / For Tomorrow / Chemical World / Out of Time / 


That's probably enough. Don't want to sound greedy. 

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New to this and really liking a lot of the content made by folks with much greater skills than I.

A few requests:

Dunsmuir - The Bats Are Hungry Tonight, Hung on the Rocks, What Manner of Bliss

Rancid - Born Frustrated

Clutch - Mad Sidewinder

Greenleaf -  Let it Out

Fu Manchu -  King of the Road

Company Band - Kill Screen

Fireball Ministry -  Sundown


Currently more focused on the bass, but would be great to get guitar as well that I may fumble through that as well as other folks interested.




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Could someone do Miss Atomic Bomb and My Own Soul's Warning 

both by The Killers and are gems, Miss Atomic Bomb is actually the sequel to Mr Brightside



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Either of these two songs by the band Night Moves. Songs are Carl Sagan and Hiding in the Melody. Video is focused on the lead and bass and you can see a lot of the chords. Someone who knows what theyre doing can anyways lol



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