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CDLC Requests


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I would like to ask someone for two pieces of BON JOVI, last efforts with a nice solo :

fingerprints (CD burning bridge)

blood in the water (CD BON JOVI 2020)





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I've wanted to play anything by Arch Echo for the longest time, specifically anything off their self titled album:

Hip Dipper Color wheel 

My Head Sometimes
My Heart Sometimes

Very progressive technical stuff 🙂

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Would be very appreciated for more Pallbearer songs! Specifically, Thorns, Heartless, Lie of Survival, Quicksand of Existing, Vengence and Ruination, Ghost I Used to Be, or anything else creators enjoy and would like to make. Attached are links to each of the songs mentioned. 






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Hi guys
I would love to be able to play I'm the Mountain from the band Stoned Jesus.
On bass and guitar.
thank you in advance for your help and contribution!



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Midnight Creeper by Elton John is a bit of a hidden gem, and I think the guitar for it sounds like a lot of fun but I'm struggling to find it online anywhere and I'm no good with transcribing yet, it'd be great is somebody more skilled than myself could figure this out and upload the CDLC. Thank you.

Elton John - Midnight Creeper

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Hi I'm new to this thread but have a few requests if anyone would like to accept.  🙂

These songs as from the Never Back Down movie soundtrack, great songs that I'd love to learn on Rocksmith:

(Note:  Some of these songs have cool bass lines, but I am only currently learning the guitar :P)

"Orange Marmalade" - Mellowdrone

"Be Safe" - The Cribs

"You Are Mine" - MuteMath

"Wolf Like Me" - TV On the Radio

Videos are below, have a few more songs from this soundtrack, will request in another post for neatness.


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NEVER BACK DOWN request cont.


"Someday" - Flipsyde

"Time Won't Let Me Go" - The Bravery


"Above and Below" - The Bravery


"Anthem for the Underdog" - 12 Stones



Anything for these songs would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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On 6/6/2018 at 7:19 PM, Teinashu said:

Post all your CDLC requests here.
Since we no longer have the "Popular" Request system, you can now post them in this, and only in this, topic!

Posting a request here does not mean that someone will make it. Spamming the same song over and over will get you suspended. This is not a demand area. The Charters that post their CDLC on CF do so because they want to. You cannot force them to make your song. Do not send PM's to every single charter asking for your song to be made.

Basically this is a dumping ground for your requests and nothing more. 

Alice Coper No More Mr Nice Guy if Possible 


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in the river -  jesus culture

let the heavens open - kari jobe
The blessing - Kari jobe & elevation worship 
Forever - Kari Jobe 

River - planetshakers 
Nothing is impossible - planetshakers
The greatest- Planetshakers

Reason - Unspoken 
Good news - Unspoken

Victory - Elevation Worship
Echo - Elevation Worship
Unstoppable God - Elevation Worship
Graves into Garden - Elevation worship

No longer slaves - Bethel worship 

Nothing else - hillsong

turn it around - church of the city

evidence - Josh Baldwin

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