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Dopesmoker by Sleep. Bass and lead. It's 63 minutes long so its a bit of a challenge.  

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These two songs are very epic, if someone does them I would be very grateful

Estas dos canciones son muy epicas si alguien las hace le estaria muy agradecido

Sound of Guns - Sometimes

Sound of Guns - Alcatraz


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I played a game called Loop Hero, and it has this BANGER that I would absolutely love and appreciate if someone could turn it into a Rocksmith CDLC


This one is my second most favorite, and would also be up there close to the other one.


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If someone could make  This Master piece. I would really appreciate it.



Thank you.









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If anyone made any more CDLC for the Japanese band Shinsei Kamattechan that would be unreal. Currently only one song of theirs done. 

Songs that would go great on here: 

Ikareta NEET, Jibun Rashiku, Yuugata no Piano, Rock n Roll doesnt stop ringing, 22/23/26/33 year old summer vacation.

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5 minutes ago, tubbytaylor said:

Would be very grateful if someone could knock these up for bass.

World Party - Ship of Fools

Interest Level: Raised.

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Hi guys!

Can I request some more Leprous, please?

Slave, The Price, Coal, Alleviate, Below, Castaway Angels, Contaminate Me, Bilateral.

Clarifying that I'm not requesting all of them. Any one will do. 🙂

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On 3/21/2021 at 8:24 AM, Magoo60 said:

The stranglers

European Female


CDLC done by Mousey7065.

Thank you so much Mousey. You are the best.

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