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CDLC Requests


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If anybody has time to do a project, a full-album (or live performance) playthrough is always appreciated. There are far too few of them.

Preferably on bass for my own sake, but I'm sure guitarists would feel the same way as myself. 🙂

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It'd be awesome to have 5 string bass for Meshuggah's The Mouth Licking What You've Bled, New Millennium Cyanide Christ, Stengah, Sane. I looked up it's in tuned up to F Standard to match the djenty guitars. 

If anyone can do the bass for Gojira's Art of Dying and Lead/rhythm for The Way of All Flesh thats great as well :D

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Request: System of a down - War? (On the self-titled album)




This would be greatly appreciated as I have no knowledge on creating the amazing CLDC other people smarter than me painstakingly made from scratch. This is pretty much the only SOAD song I can't find on the CF Search out of their discography. Thanks!

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