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Violin / Cello Custom Tuning and Other Instruments Filter


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I'm making the latest push to get orchestral strings like violin and cello to be a bit more standardized in the community.


In the violin project thread, I've roughly at the point where my predecessors have gotten everything working.  There's definitely example songs that work.  I followed the standard tutorials + a few changes and made a few songs for these instruments.


The last missing piece that I'm seeing is the Ignition4 filters.  The two options I see are: "Custom Tuning" and "Other Instruments".


Once I standardize the tunings with offsets and tuning frequencies, could we add a few of the other string instrument tunings to the filter list?  I'll work to get these standardized across CFSM, Ignition, and the toolkits.


Do you think that filtering by tuning would be sufficient to drive people searching to the right tracks?  Should there be other modifications needed for searching/filtering?

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