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Locked browsing page disappeared since the new update


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hello I'm wondering where has the browse page for the site gone it has disappeared I cannot find it anymore it was a page with lists of artists/content on the site why have you guys removed it now i have to scroll through 900 pages of songs to find the songs I want to download it why did you guys remove the page it was convenient for people to find the songs easier by browsing through the list of artists on the artist page i would be willing to donate money if you could bring that page back as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like that page back on the site because lets be honest why should we have to scroll through over 900 pages now to find the songs we like to download that's overkill i don't understand why you would remove something like that off the site now i have to force myself downloading songs for 8 hours a day sometimes because that page no longer exists just so that i can have a decent selection of songs to download its not very convenient is it please bring back that Artist browsing page it had a list of every single artist in the world with very small writing i miss that page so much.

from Luke 

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