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Can't get to CDLC's at ignition.customsforge.com


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If you're unable to login to Ignition (The CDLC Search) please make sure to do the following: - Use a browser such as Chrome. (IE & Edge is not supported at the time). - Try logging out and relogging into your account, then try visiting http://ignition.customsforge.com/ - Clearing your Browser Cache. - Using a tool such as CCleaner to remove all cookies from your browser. - Try Incognito Mode to see if it works there. - Try another device, such as your cell phone to see if the problem is only on your device. - Make sure you are using your username, and not display name or email address. - Check to see if you're using plugins on your browser such as McAfee WebAdvisor. Disable this and try again.

Quote from ?login command in the CustomsForge discord

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I've had a similar problem except when i manage to log in (had to make a new account), I get forwarded to a page saying my account is disabled or banned and then get sent an email saying I'm logging in from a new device. This is using both Chrome and Firefox. As soon as I  try to access the CDLC page, i get forwarded to that banned page. I am scared to even try logging in now, lest my account gets marked as a bot or something. Any advice?

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