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Fix songs that don't scroll


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Edit: Apparently re-adding DD with a different phrase length can fix this as well which is way less time consuming but then you'll still have no sections, so take your pick.


Have a bad guide on how to add sections to songs. It's only slightly less effort than making your song from scratch once you know what to do lol.


So you need the toolkit and eof.  (You shouldn't need wwise since your using the pre-generated wem files)


Import the song into the toolkit and pick a folder to keep the extracted files (KEEP THE TOOLKIT OPEN)

Open eof and select new and select the folder where you unpacked the song

Go to the eof subfolder and select song_"SONGNAME"_fixed.ogg

Enter the artist and songname and press ok a few times.

In eof select song/track/*

What you select depends on the songs arrangements







So if you select TRACK REAL_GUITAR_22


Then you select File/Import/rocksmith and import the lead ("SONGNAME"_lead.xml) from the eof subfolder



Then you select File/Import/rocksmith and import the rhythm ("SONGNAME"_rhythm.xml) from the eof subfolder


If you select TRACK REAL_BASS

Then you select File/Import/rocksmith and import the bass ("SONGNAME"_bass.xml) from the eof subfolder


If you select PART VOCALS

Then you select File/Import/rocksmith and import the bass ("SONGNAME"_vocals.xml) from the eof subfolder


And TRACK REAL_GUITAR_BONUS is for any bonus arrangements


Do this for all the arrangements in the song (except showlights) and now you can get to the adding sections.

Also because of DD you need to swap between these numbers (click on 'em) to see all the notes or you can just add sections based on hearing the song. (or you can remove DD first in the toolkit and regenerate it later)


So you move eof with arrow keys and hold shift to speed it up. You click on one of these arrows where you want the section to be placed and press "shift + S" to open this menu. Select what type of section you want to add, tick "add as RS phrase" and click OK. Do this through the song. You only need to do this once as phrases/sections are for all tracks.


Now you save your eof project and open your toolkit window. Remove all the old arrangements and add your new ones from the eof project folder (don't worry about tuning and tones it'll carry over). Remove the showlights so it'll generate new ones, its done automatically.


Now you can build the fixed song, Yay. Click generate and select where you want to save your file, save it somewhere other than your dlc folder and once its generated delete the old song and replace it with the "fixed" one


I hope this makes some sense. Yell at me if I forgot something or it makes your game explode.

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