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List of Crashers, jammers, dead toners, and MISC problems



So, I have played some songs and I have gradually moved all “problematic” songs (for me) to another "waiting for fix folder", and also added those song to a list. Songs wait fix done by, me or charter, or third party...
I try to download all songs including upgrades, and play songs in random (only guitar parts (lead, rhyhtm) (Can test emulated bass too). Not afraid of Dead Tones, play them through amp. Modifying my list continuously...
Note that: Being "problematic" song for me, doesn't mean that charter have done something wrong.
There are errors on my list, due to mistakes i do, lack of time, abudance of song + updates... but that's why I listed it in public, to make it more accurate, faster updated… Also thought list could possibly be helpful for others. Many issues, are in many cases already known by charter, but charters do not want or can't do fix changes, and thats okNo action required for charters.
Issues that charter will not know should be reported to charterCharter then decides what to do... 
this should be just check list... to avoid "problems", fix "problems"... whatever 
List was mentioned to be only personal, making list updates if you find list useful and i find you helpful.  :)
And for all charters in or out of my list... thank you for your hard work. Its been such a pleasure to play all different kind of music. Hat on, hat off... 
Before u continue to list.. U should know !!!...

"Normal" Song crashes are quite rare. About 1/400 song will crash nowdays after you done "basic things" right, AND removed or fixed same namers.

If you crash very often/always read this basic help first.http://customsforge....dlcs-in-rs2014/


Default Crash (most common crash, if nothing mentioned then it crash like this) 

"NO BROADWAY" style crash; game freezes when you try to launch song. 

if your guitar is tuned, Game freezes, before you ever see "broadway". No error messages.

If guitar is not tuned, Game can freeze, so that no broadway seen, only blank with amps. No error Messages.

You have to force restart game. Audio unplugged message if you alt + Tab.
This is also way how same namers mostly crash, but their Fix is totally different, Same name Fix also works much better, 100%.
Error Report crash (if mentioned "error report" crash like this)
"Error Report" style crash reports error and goes back to desktop as you try to launch song.

Crash Middle (if mentioned "crash middle" then it crash like this)

"Crash Middle" style crash; occurs suddenly during song "in middle of song". Game stops working after error report, or goes sudden to desktop..
Notes for middle crashers:

- Always crash on same spot, if played 100%

- Can Work if not played at all, or "badly". as if there is "crash note" in spot" where game crashes.


General fix for all crashers (not for same namers) in or out of list is still to repack song. Works in many cases, but not all.

How to Repackhttp://customsforge.com/topic/9986-got-a-song-that-crashes-after-tuning-heres-how-to-fix-it/


Other known crashes and fixes that repacking can't help.


File Manager has new features for repairing some corrupt CDLC by removing bad phases and sections This may work (if the hang/crash is caused by bad phrase or section)  


1.  Isolate the song you are trying to repack into a separate folder.

2.  Open CGT, File Manager and select Fresh Load

3.  Select the folder that contains the CDLC that you want to try fixing.

4.  Let File Manager load the CDLC info.

5.  Under Repairs drop down select 'Phrase/Sections'

6.  Let CGT fix and repackage CDLC.

7.  Move repaired CDLC back to the 'dlc' folder and test in game.



-When one arragment (other can work) crash right after tuning with error message (if guitar is in tune crash when you launch it):

import the non-working psarc and open eof. Then set up a new file, use the audio of the psarc, load crashing arragment part in eof and save it. Finally replace the corrupted arragment with the new one in the toolkit, generate it.


re-adding fixes many crashes too, that repacking can't help.

re-adding means that you change ID's of the arrangement. Its common reason of crash have bad ID's


Save Crash: Not listed . Game/user bug. Occured to me after save file had growed >5000kb

Song crashes with report, after you have played it, when it should save to file. Next time you launch no % seen on song.

To Reach this point you must have played about 5-10t (000) songs.

Reason: All played but removed dlc:s (old versions of same song etc.) are still in save file.

So there is quite a lot stuff you don't need anymore. Also actual songs can corrupt (loose some data) 

Theese corrupted songs will not cause save to actual corrupt, but corrupted songs work not properly, and they can be one reason to save crash issues.

My save file was size about 5500kb when problem first occurred after cleaning it was about 4000 kb.

While cleaning sync tool founded also 14 corrupted songs, which i removed and uploaded again.

How it Goes: First you crash 1/20 of song but later on you crash like 1/2 songs played.

After sync tool (clean up) you can play again without save crash (at least until you have again just too many saved DLC or/and corrupted songs). More about this issue in Post #127#128 http://customsforge.com/topic/4863-list-of-crashers-jammers-dead-toners-and-misc-problems/page-7

Clean/Fix messed up Save file https://sites.google.com/site/cozy1cgi/tutorial-4

It seems now that using only some songs in dlc folder is my way, game runs much smoothly if u keep dlc folder below 10(000) songs.

Much faster boots, save crash occurs less frequently (no need to sync so often).

My style is now simple play only songs (a-l) or (m-z). Dlc folders are ordered by artist. Total count of songs is now about 15(000) When is time to sync (after about 2-3 month) sync hole pack. Doing so... keeping one big...clean save.


Note: there is actual limit how big save can grow, if u want to play save crash free. My advice is to keep (synced) save >5000kb. If it grows bigger just split it by cozy1's sync tool and use two or more separate saves.


Level Raise crash   Not listed. Rare and minor bug. Fix is ultra easy

Game crashes when you raise difficulty level up

If you had a previous release of a song in RS2014 library and the DD is modified in a new release, you can have this behaviour when you raise difficulty up.
The reason is that RS2014 keep in memory the previous levels you reached for each phrase and the new DD may have less difficulty levels for each one.

To avoid\fix the Level Raise Crash either :
- play the new release of the song one time until the end without using the RR.
- (select only one section in RR for which the max level is under 100% and put it down to 0% (repeat this for other sections until the whole song is under 100% of max of difficulty))



After tuning, song won't start to play BUT you can ESC back for other songs.

Sometimes repacking can fix jam.


Dead Tone:

PC: After you have started Dead Tone song you have to restart, if you want hear modified tones again.
Mac:  More harm, it corrupts, all songs. Restarting game won't help. Have to delete all.
Some charters didn't mind to add tones to their songs (playing through amps and its OK for me) , but it caused   Dead Tone issues...
New toolkit solves this kind of dead tone issues (which were majority in Dead Tones).
Default tone no longer causes Dead Tone, if latest Toolkit is used.
 Latest Toolkit build
 Fast fix for Dead Tone: "you need to regenerate it, use "Import package" feature and generate cdlc from it"

Same Name:

Means if you have two or more same named songs from different artist, all can crash (no broadway style) OR jam (not often) when song is started. You can keep one of these song in DLC folder without issues.  
When kept same namers in DLC folder without playing ... In some cases the Album art/song titles get mixed up in the song list. Sometimes other same named song won't show in the song list. 
Note that this crash/jam rule applies when you have several version of same artist same named song, or update versions in dlc folder.
Same Artist, same named song crashes are not listed.

Fix for Same Name issueTo avoid crash problem with other same named song without changing game name!!!.
Use Toolkit !!!. Note there, 
"DLC key". 

Import song and change (only) DLC Key. Write DLC key together.

Then generate fixed song. Result: Game name doesn’t change, but crash with other song will be avoided. No change for other song needed, both will work. If you fix multi same namers (none of work together), all but one must be fixed.


MISC Major:  


Corrupting save file: After play, these song will corrupt save file You get save file corrupted message next time you launch.

When you launch game, without save file corrupted message, every song played to some kind of % is clean. (note: Misc Minor songs that won't count % are also clean.

Fix for save corrupting song.

re-pack all the broken files using the latest versions of eof and rocksmith custom song creator toolkit.

Fix already corrupted save file:  https://sites.google.com/site/cozy1cgi/tutorial-4

If tool will not work for you, ask help from cozy1. Use this link for help https://sites.google.com/site/cozy1cgi/feedback.


Wrong tuning: Song is in wrong tuning

Wrong song or notes: You hear different music or see different notes that should.

Not Registering notes: Song will not register notes played. Sometimes these songs are in wrong tuning too.

Major sync issues Song is badly out of sync

No lead (should be) Sometimes song is marked X, even though you can play it.

Missing Links: Songs that upload links have been dead and charter inactive for long perioid of time.


Misc MInor: 


Minor sync issues: Can't handle correctly minor sync issues. Do report here http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/ Fixing tool under construct.

Cant raise level up: Can't use RR to raise level up. Fix help needed.

Won't count % (on big screen): % not seen in big screen. Fix help needed.

Music cuts off In The End: Small part off song is out of music in the end of song. Fix: add x seconds of silence to the end of the mp3/wav

more see... http://customsforge.com/topic/4863-list-of-crashers-jammers-dead-toners-and-misc-problems/page-8

Misc Minors that are Not listed: Not counting play times, Wrong alphabetical position. many more to come...


Help needed !!!!

Report: If you find any song that should not be on list

Report: fixes that work

Report: listed issues; Crash, Dead Tone, Jam, Same Name (not working), Save File Corrupter, or MISC

Report: If you have ideas to make topic better


Listing Policy

I don't list reports in this topic straight. Have to test myself first.

(Trying to just minimize list errors. Mostly do testing same day i got report but... )

Also, after report to charter, I Have 2 week tolerance. (since in most cases issue is fixed by charter)


Test Platform: PC (only), Instrument: Guitar 

List is based on test findings. Quite often my findings, are not verified by other players, which would be sure best option, less room for errors. Other platforms are not supported because i can't test them. Even though other platforms are not supported some issues are universal like Dead Tone.


V 2.7.1         18.06.2018  2 Dead Toners Added


Special THX for List Reporters...

Fix providors/testers/Charters/Fixers and others who have helped me to do this. 

piepesadosleepyOlorin, AntithezAltamont613Sharkman828, DevXenfirekorn

jacksonplayer, Alex360RockfirstlastJazziedavelancelJansku79smirocsmo,


 Spades cozy1 jeff_tentacles madzillagd Xstatic Attitude  TomSawyer2112  Fuzzy666 lordnial

 KuRZuS Tmlt raynebc


Colour codes and other markers o x R:
Bass (can test only emulated bass)
Guitar (Lead preffered in testing)

Recently added (about 1 month colored)
Soon removed (THX for song updates) (about 1 month colored then deleted)
o Charter knows issue (deadtone) already 
x Not showed in download list anymore (removed from download list for reason mostly unknown to me)
R Issue Reported to charter (Somebody (not always me) have well reported issue to charter at least 2 weeks ago)
Crash (Have to Restarti game after crash)
See (possible) fix above. 

Some of these can also be same name crashes/jams that conflicts with "other than same names", report if work for you (without fix), check closer then.


30 Seconds To Mars R: Vox Populi 

Aerosmith:Janie's Got Gun (crash middle) R

AFI: Endlessly, She Said R

Alice In Chains: Bleed The Freak R (error Report)

Alter Bridge: Calm The Fire R

Andy James: Storm, The R

Aria: Epipahy Fire R

Atreu: A Bitter Broken Memory (starts late, crash after 20 sec) R

Bullet Your Valentine: Run For Your Life R (only Lead Crashes)

Dekabr: Our rock and roll R
Devin Townshead: Angel   R    

Elbow: Mexican Standoff R

Gun's Roses:Buick Makane R (crash middle) + out of sync after mid 

GWAR: They Swallowed The Sun 

Herb Albert: Spanish Flea R

Heroes Del Silencio: Avalancha R

Incubus: Dig (working version added to post thread)

Lights: Pretend R

Mami Kawada: Hishoku no Sora R

Manic Street preachers: Australia (crash End, artifacts) R

Megaman: Woodman Theme
Mike Oldfied: Mooligh Shadow (acoustic) R

Muse: Screenager R     (Musekid version)

Nirvana: Sliver (L33tr version)
NOFX: Kill The White Man R 
Pearl Jam: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town  R (crash middle)

Phil Collins: Another Day In Paradise R

Rata Blanca: Porque es tan dificil amar R

Van Halen: Drop Dead legs R

Van Halen: Only One x (crash middle)

Verve, The: Slide Away (error Report) R

Within Temptation: Paradise (What About Us) R


Jam (cant't play song, but you can ESC back to other songs)

See (possible) fix above
ABBA: Chiquita R                                      Working versio added to post thread
Avenged Sevefold: Burn it down R
Linking park: From Inside R
NOFX: Lower R
Oscar Arriagada: El Twist del esqueleto R

Dead Tone  

These songs all cause deadtone,marked in topic as not toned without deadtone, or "badly" toned are not listed.

Fix easily with Latest ToolKit, if you want to play and avoid Dead Tone. (see fix above)
Best option for most: You can also tone song and ask if charter would upload toned version.
If marked guitar, most likely all parts are dead tone.
If marked bass, only bass is dead tone.


Charters that have Dead Tone (most of songs). and have over 5 songs 


timthetoolman        http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=timthetoolman Deadtoned 

Toned ones. Immortal: In My Kingdom o     - Toned versio added to post thread. Thx Killeroyo


Guitargod               http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=Guitargod Deadtoned 

jfish311                 http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=jfish311 Deadtoned 

mneilan                 http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=mneilan Deadtoned 

MadMoses67              http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=MadMoses67 Deadtoned



Other founded Misc Charters deadtone songs

Agalloch: Our Fortress Is Burning...I o

Alkaline Trio: I Wanna Be Andy Warhol o 
Alkaline Trio: In Vein o
Alkaline Trio: Goodbye Forever o

All-American Rejects, The: Night Drive R
Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh o

Apollo: ChordChangerCGAM o 

Apollo: ChordTrainerADE o

August Burn Red: Meridian o 

Avril Lavigne: When You're Gone R

Blue Swede: Hooked On Feeling R

BLESSTHEFALL: Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad

Bread: Make It With You o
Buckethead: Jordan o

Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding: Outside
Caramelos de Cianuro: Las Estrellas o

Chic: Le Freak

Curtis Mayfield: Pusherman o
Daryl Hall & John Oates:You Make My Dreams o
DayToRemember: Holding It Down For The Underground o
Dazz: Brick

Def Leppard: Billy's Got A Gun (+ % not seen in main screen)

Ellie Coulding: Love Me Like You Do R

Engenheiros do Hawaii: Eu que não amo você o

Enimen: Lose Yourself o
Escape the Fate: Aftermath o
Escape The Faith: My acocalypse o 

Everclear: Santa Monica o

Fall Out Boy: Save Rock and Roll (feat. John Elton) o

Firewind: Allegiance o
Five Finger Death Punch: Lift Me Up o (Starliners version)

Florence + the Machine: Cosmic Love o

Funeral For A Friend: Monsters o

Fun Lovin' Criminals: Scooby Snacks o
Gary Moore: Midnight Blues
Gary Moore: Still Got The Blues

Gavin De Garv. Best I Ever Had o
Gin Blossoms: Found out about you o

Gnarkill: I Got Errection o 
Gotye: Somebody I Used To Know o

Grinspoon: Hard Act To Follow o

Grinspoon: Hold On Me o
Head and heart, The: The Shake o

Horkýže: Liza a Wendy o

Idina Menzel: Let It Go                  lucashsg77  version

I am Ghost: Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps R

I am Ghost: Killer Likes Candy

Iron MaiI den: The Phantom of the Opera R             (Bacon version) (lead partial toned)

Jake Bugg: Slumville Slumrise o

Jarred Alonge: First World Tragedy o

JerryC: Cannonrock (Performed by Funtwo) o
John Butler Trio: Close to You o
K.E.FEAR: Self-destruction R

Kenny Rodger: The Gambler o

Kiss: Psycho Circus o
Krokus: American Women o
Kyo: Dernire Dance o (Boltac Version)

Legio Urbana: Perfeicao o

Legio Urbana: Tempo-Perdido o

Libertines, The: The Boys In The Band o

Linked Horizon: Guren No Yumiya o

Luca Turilli: Black Dragon o
Luke Bryan: That's My Kind Of Night o

Michael Schenker Group: Cry For The Nations o
Milburn: Last Bus o

Mitchel Musso: Let's Make This Last Forever o

Molotov: Puto o

Mushroomhead: Before I Die o

My Chemical Romance: Cancer o

Panda: Bella En Mi Cabeza Para Siempre o

Panda: Nuera Afflicyion o
Panda: Tus Palabras Punzocortanes o

Paul Kelly: To Her Door o 

Pitty: Equalize o

Powderfinger: Passenger

Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated (backing track)

Simple Plan: What's New Scooby Doo o

Santana & Aerosmith: Just fell better o

Shania Twain: Man I Feel Like Woman o (ash205 version)
Smiths, The: How Soon is Now? o
Solids, The: How I Met Your Mother Theme o
Telephone: Fait divers o
Tenacious D: Classico R
Toby Keith: Red Solo Cup o

Toshiro Masuda: Need to be Strong o

Two Door Cinema Club: What You Know o (morningwoody version)

Van-Halen: Aint-Talkin-Bout-Love_v3 o       (Williamsj82 version)

Volbeat: Still Counting o

Wallflowers, The: One Headlight o 
We The Kings: Check yes juliet o
YOU: Sweep Picking Exercise o

Same Name
Crash (no broadway style) or jam (not so often)
 or another song just can't be seen in game... when songs together in dlc folder. Mixed artist\song names means that song most likely will crash if started.

Note: These songs work without conflict pair(s) perfectly!!! 

So, Its not charters fault that song will Same Name Crash!!! Though i have started to report them also.
Player or charter can now easily fix Same Name crash if he/she will without changing Game Name.(
see fix above)
 If charter choose to fix, Pls, let me know

"check work together" combos can  in many cases be ordered slightly differently. Point is just to have as many songs possible to working same namers (now in post #108 (Page 6)) http://customsforge.com/topic/4863-list-of-crashers-jammers-dead-toners-and-misc-problems/page-6 before start to fix what is left outside. Count matters, not labels. 


Aquarius: Michiru Yamane, Yasuhiro Ichihashi

Aftermath: War of Ages (check work together) R

Ain't it Fun:  Gun's Roses, Paramore R

All I want: A Day to remember (Official), Offspring

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You: Heart, Halestorm R
Alone:  Falling Reverse x, Zebrahead (check work together)

Animals: August Burns Red (check work together)

Another Way To Die: Disturbed, Jack White & Alicia Keys

Anthem: Bring Me Horizon, Rush, Arch Enemy (check work together)

Ashley: Green Day, Escape The Fate

Believe: Disturbed (check work together)
Blitzkrieg: Deathstars, Metallica

Breathe: Disturbed, Prodigy, The, Pink Floyd

Bullets: Creed, Editors

Burn: Deep Purple (check Work Together)
Carry On: Angra, Avenged Sevenfold  R

Chasing A Dream: Christophe Herald, Borilac Mitic

Cold: Lacuna Coil (check Work Together)

Collapse: War Of Ages, Saosin R

Crossroads: Avenged Sevenfold, Cream, John Mayer

Dead To World: NightWish, Bullet For My Valentine

Destiny: Death  (check Work Together)

Diamond Eyes: Deftones, Shinedown

Downfall: Exodus, Children Of Bodom
Easily: Muse, Red Hot chili Peppers (both 2 versions)

End Of Line (The): Metallica (nacholade version) R (check Work Together)

Endgame: Megadeth, Rise Against
Escape: Muse, Devil Wears Prada, The, Metallica

Eternal: War Of Ages, Mushroomhead R
Falling apart: Lagwagon, Zebrahead x

Fewer: CsGuitar, Bullet for My Valentine, Judas Priest

Greensleeves: Csguitar89, Anonymous

Gypsy: Dio, Merciful Fate

Here I Am: Skidrow, Bryan Adams, Tegan And Sara R

Heresy: Pantera, Nine Inch Nails
Home: Three days Grace, Daughtry

Hold On: Green Day  (check work together)                

Hole In The Sky: Black Sabbath, Akira Yamaoka 

If I could fly: Joe Satriani, Helloween
In The end: Black veil Brides, Green Day (check work together)

King For Day: Green Day (check work together)
Last Caress: Misfits, The x, Metallica (can't test)

Last Fight: Bullet For My Valentine, Velvet Revolver

Liberate: Slipknot, Disturbed
Lost Woods: Jim Cook, Legend of zelda 
Love: Strapping Young Lad x, Beatles,The x
Love Bites: Halestorm (official), Def Leppard x (can't test)

Magic: King Diamond, Pilot

Mammoth: Interpol, The Devil Wears Prada

Maria: Rage Against Machine, Green Day

Moving On: KIng Diamond, Asking Alexandria 

Feather: Nujabes, Devin Townsend

Only The Good die Young: Iron Maiden, Billy Joel

Open Your Éyes: Snow Patrol, Guano Apes  (check work together)   
Outside: Staind (Crossbolt242 version) (check Work together)
Overdue: No Use For Name (check Work together)

Paradise: Cold Play, Stratovarius

Phantom Of The Opera: Iron Maiden, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

Photograph: Ed Sheeran, Def leppard

Rebellion: Linkin Park, Daisuke Ishiwatari

Riot Act: Exodus, Skid Row

Rock n Roll: Led Zeppelin, Skrillex, Scandal R
Running free: Iron Maiden, Coheed & Cambria

Sacrifice:  T.a.t.u, Disturbed R
Save me: Edguy, Avenged Sevenfold, KMFDM (Check Work Together)

Shattered: Delain, Pantera
Sleepless Nights: Merciful Fate, Memphis May Fire

Somebody Save Me: Cinderella, Krypteria 

Something's Gotta Give: Aerosmith, All Time Low 

Stargazer: rainbow, Blood Stain Child , KingdomCome 

Time: Merciful Fate (check Work together)

The End: Beatles, The, Doors, The R
This is The Life: Dream Theater, Amy Macdonald

This Means War: Avenged Sevenfold, Nickelback 

Unbreakable: Stratovarius (check work together) R

Waiting: Greenday, King Diamond
Wake up: Mallory Knox, Hilary Duff (check work together)

Walk Away: Green Day, Franz Ferdinand (check work together)

Warrior: Wisbone Ash, Disturbed

Wish You Were Here: Blackmore's Night, Avril Lavigne

Whiskey In The Jar: Thin Lizzy (mneilan Version) (check work together)
World So Cold: Mudvayne, Three Days Grace 

Zero: Keiki Kobayashi, Samshing Punmpkins

Same same crash, but game name different.


                                                               conflicts  with                    

Last susnset: Aria                                                             Sunset: XX, The

Broken Hearts Parade: Good Charlotte                            The broken: Coheed & Cambria

To Hell And Back: BlessTheFall                                        Hell And Back: Metallica R

Blink-182: I Won't Be Home For Christmas                       ???????????????

Superbus: Radio Song                                                       Teenage Bottlerocket: Radio


MISC Major

Corrupting save file 

Fix save file corrupting song (see fixes above)

Fix corrupted save (see fixes above)


Die Toten Hosen: Strom R

Falling in Reverse: The Drug in Me is You R

Foo Fighter: Bridge Burning  R  (Num14 Version)

Justin Timberlake: Rock Your Body R 

King Diamond: At The Graves R     

Modest Mouse:Paper Thin Walls x

New Politics: Yeah Yeah Yeah R

Ninja Sex party: Unicorn Wizard x

Oceansize: Catalyst R
Protest The Hero: Tilting Windmills  R
Simon and Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence R  (Mangoo version)

Warrant: Sometimes She Cries



Wrong Tuning


Kiss: Uh All Night R

Papa Roach: Still Swingin R


Not Registering 


Amity Affliction, The: Youngbloods R

Nobuo Uematsu: Otherworld R

Seether: Fade Out

Wrong Tabs or Song
Angel Vivaldi: Mercurian Summer R

Major sync issues

http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/ check out if Minor sync issues


Angel Vivaldi; A Martian Winter R

Rise Against: I Don't Want to Be Here  Anymore R               bugging (crash) with "behind closed doors"    


No lead (should be) 
Wu Bai & CHINABLUE: Norway Forest R      


Missing Links (charter no longer active)


Anchang-style work (9 revived/9 total) http://search.customsforge.com/-1?u=Anchang-Style

Revive link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sx2yq0ghxif1gug/AADkEj22vn5L2JC9Y6_VoCeFa?dl=0



MISC Minor


Cant raise level up 
Fix aid needed.

Doors, The: people are Strange  R                        
Killers. The; When you were young R                  
Marilyn Manson : Beautiful People          


Won't count % (on big screen)
Fix aid needed

H.T.T (Aki Toyosaki) GO! GO! MANIAC!! R    
Onra: Wellcome to Vietnam 
Red Hot: Chili Peppers: Minor Thing R

Slayer: Spill The Blood 


Music cuts off in The end (see fix above)


None anymore



EDIT: Changed the color of the list to default so it could be read on the white theme also.

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I did find the issue, I for some reason didn't have that in my root folder for Rocksmith, thank you very much


Nice u got your basic instructions. Link to basics is also in front page of this topic.


After you remove listed crashers,  same namers(can be fixed), duplicates in your dlc folder u propably will only crash only about 1/500 songs nowdays. Next time when you start crash often is when u have messed your save and it happens after 10000+ songs, but then crash occurs after you have played song (save crash)

Crashers and same namers (and many others issues) must be removed manually, but duplicates(same song*x times in dlc folder can be found fast by using cozy1 tools. Cozy1 tools can fix also messed (poorly synced or just too large) save. Link and basic info about tool also in front page. Highly recommended to use it to avoid crashes or keep em minimal.





It has been quiet. No new issues for a long time, even i have't been able to catch a fish :) . Great work charters and all tool developers. At least Dead tones, save corrupters have been vanished since toolmakers great work and others issues are also diminishing. Most new issues (crash) are nowdays caused by same namers. But there is easy fix for them. I have been quite lazy to report those since there is nothing wrong of songs they just won't work together...

I would really help if people would report same namers to charters, at least some charters could then fix issue permanently by uploading fixed song. 

But anyways, that's minor issue, and anyone can fix by themselves (fix(es) in frontpage)...  

I, surely want just play issues minimal and i really can do it still after xxxxx songs.

Thx for songs, thanks for great tools to make em, thx for tools to keep save alive, crash less... And surely ubi for game itself. Hope we will see day that my topic is totally useless. No manual removing or afterwards fix occurs. :D

Anyways its getting better...less useful topic :)

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Not sure where to put this bu crashes due to, I guess, too many arrangements? Caused by the remastered version? And also Tuff Enuff by the Fab Thunderbirds locks up at the play screen when trying to play rhythm.





Most songs will crash if u keep many versions of them in your dlc folder. Its just one kind of duplicate situation. Duplicates are not listed, since they are known to cause crash issue, at least in most cases (though they can be always fixed).  BUT why keep previous version, since new version is most likely better (fixed tones, notes, more arrangnements etc.) In case of Boys of summer both versions will work, separately. So there is nothing wrong about song versions. These duplicates are easily checked and removed by using cozy1 tool, but there will be really not so many duplicates if u ALWAYS remove previous versions of songs (after new version is downloaded and placed in dlc folder).


In case of Tuff enuff, i managed to play both lead and rhytm without issues. So it works also.

My guess is you have Tuff Enuff 2 or more times located in your dlc folder. (duplicate) I have inserted 100+ times song in wrong folder and managed to cause duplicate situation by accident. No joke, just error. 


Pls, check always first when you crash, that you don't have duplicates.  Windows search option is quite good (fastest) tool to find one missing duplicate but there will be many, i think, so use cozy1 tool. Less crash after removing duplicates for sure.


If u have still have issues after removing duplicates, pls report here. Hope this helps, u and some others too to crash less.


And If somebody really wants to have more than 1 version of same song just use same name fix presented in first page. Yuo surely can play all versions after fix without issues. Even playing 2 exactly same songs is possible without crash after fix. I prefer deleting duplicates, rather than fix or crash. ;)


And thx for report, even though it was non listed issue, 'false crash report' , crash was certainly not false to u. Good to update this duplicate info once again since duplicate crash is quite common, and causes lot of 'false reports' to charters but mostly just confuses players since its just mystic crash. But no more :)


Lets's crash less.

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Taken from unleashed2k post on remastered


Q: I'm getting crashes when on the Learn A Song page of some CDLC?

A: The remaster update changed how bonus and alternate arrangement are visible which also have a side effect of provoking random crashes when looking at songs that have too much (more than 5) arrangement in the Learn A Song area of the game. If you find such CDLC, alert the author of the problem and report the CDLC to us via the appropriate report button.




Double checked and triple checked - no duplicates. Tried both versions of Tuff Enuff and neither work. Oh well, I'll just live with it. I've seen more posts concerning the arrangement issue so something is going on. I hope someone finds a solution cause it worked just fine before the remastered version came out. If I recall,





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Taken from unleashed2k post on remastered


Q: I'm getting crashes when on the Learn A Song page of some CDLC?

A: The remaster update changed how bonus and alternate arrangement are visible which also have a side effect of provoking random crashes when looking at songs that have too much (more than 5) arrangement in the Learn A Song area of the game. If you find such CDLC, alert the author of the problem and report the CDLC to us via the appropriate report button.




Double checked and triple checked - no duplicates. Tried both versions of Tuff Enuff and neither work. Oh well, I'll just live with it. I've seen more posts concerning the arrangement issue so something is going on. I hope someone finds a solution cause it worked just fine before the remastered version came out. If I recall,





Nah, you will not live with that.

There are still lot of issues to check before we can say new kind of crash has evolved. And real problem is that i can't catch it. Songs work for me just fine. All listed issues are issues that everyone can repeat. If not they are removed. So any random crash will not be listed but there will be (is already) fixes presented for them. Random crash is main reason i don't list as once crash report comes here. 

But i will list all new cures for crashes, randoms included.


(Already) known Fixes for random crash, and not so random.


1. Remove dublicates (use cozy1 tool) (done)

2. Sync your save (use cozy1 tool)

3. Remove all here listed issues  (manually)

4. Remove corrupted (missing data) songs (use cozy1 tool)


5. make "clean" save (use cozy1 tool) 


Playing without sync tool is just impossible without frequent random crash after you have played a lot. In my case random crashes started to appear frequently after 10000 song, but i guess it can be 100 in some cases where you just play some random "save disturbing combos". But i will not list those combos, since there is tool u can (should) use. I sync nowdays about 1 time/month Or if i start to random crash.


So, poorly synced save is most likely to cause your issue now since you have already removed duplicates. 

You can test after sync, even though i recommended to do em all someday like i have done.


Number 5, Clean save is good to have when testing, but in case of these songs used my old but synced 6751 kb mega save and succeed to play em. I highly recommended that if save grows over 5000 just split it (sync it smaller peaces) (cozy 1 tool) to avoid random crashes since large saves provokes random crashes too.


Mostly poorly synced (too large) save occurs to "save crash" (crash happens when game saving) but surely random crash can happen otherwise too. Generally random crash makes windows error message (Check alt/tab) or hangs with disturbing noise. It will not usually happen while song plays. But It can happen in lobby, In lobby when select song, suddenly in learn song section, or when you try to launch actual song, but most likely when song ends... So almost everywhere. And its not easy to say always is it random or what. U just have just to use method above to make sure your save (or other issues) will not provoke crash. And better methods will be written if invented. 


Hope this helps. 

Succeed or not, Pls, Report back, there are still things to do to fix issue, but then you surely could describe crash style more specific, also i assume your platform is windows. Cant' help other platforms much since can't test em. 

And we will invent new crash.less fix, if even this will not work. At least we try.


Crash.less means just less crash :D

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Not sure where to put this but Boys of Summer crashes due to, I guess, too many arrangements? Caused by the remastered version? And also Tuff Enuff by the Fab Thunderbirds locks up at the play screen when trying to play rhythm.





Finded out you actually mean remastered version of game not a song. Can't help much in that case since i can't test remastered version.

Sorry didn't know new version of the game had appeared.

Hope somebody can help you with this new version. 

My guess is that these 2 songs that you have founded are not only songs that will crash in that version :unsure:

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I don't a


@@lahelio Remastered is just the most recent update of Rocksmith 2014, if you own the game you have it.

I don't allow any of my programs to update unless i'm sure there are no big issues in updates. Didn't update to windows 7 to 10 even if it was free too...

In updates there is always possibility to ruin some already working "precious" things.

If everything works why to update? I just don't get it. Never will.


I will certainly wait for some time to get latest update since there seems to be some major issues.  :unsure:


Until day i update this topic is out since i can't help people who report crashes i can't repeat.

All information in this topic is developed before remastered version, so i can't guarantee how fixes and tools work in remastered version.


Personally i advice other people wait too before they upgrade to remastered version, since crashing in vain is no fun.

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I'm having the Jamming problem only I can't escape back to other songs. What do I do to fix this?

So, you didn't even bother to mention what song "jammed". 

If you can't escape back to other songs, its not jam but crash in my terms. 

So U gotta just crash issue that most likely caused by not reading basic instructions or list carefully.

Or you did something stupid like update game to crashy one. :)



"Amon Amart - Father of the Wolf" has a missing link. Can you fix it please?


Many Thanks

Many Sorrys, i will not fix any links before charter is "dead" for sure.

And even then, only if i get permit to do so. 

But in this case charter still breathes heavily. So why don't you ask charter Alex360 ? Is he "dead"? ;)

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"Amon Amart - Father of the Wolf" has a missing link. Can you fix it please?


Many Thanks

Many Sorrys, i will not fix any links before charter is "dead" for sure.

And even then, only if i get permit to do so. 

But in this case charter still breathes heavily. So why don't you ask charter Alex360 ? Is he "dead"? ;)



Ok i'll try to ask him! Many thanks.

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Dead Tone - BLESSTHEFALL - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad

Uploaded by JesusOwnsAllKings


Dead Link - Wiz Khalifa - See You Again

Confirmed both. 

Dead Tone - BLESSTHEFALL - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad will be listed


Dead Link - Wiz Khalifa - See You Again is Dead link, but i managed uploaded it, and have removed since it will not work at all.


There are so many temporary dead links that i will not list them at all, it's charters duty to repair them if they will.

If charter no longer active i can revive some good and working songs if i have them and if i get permit to do so.

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  • Administrator

@@lahelio Report the cdlc and indicate your own link toward the cdlc and we will replace it. If you don't have the CDLC still report and we will contact the author and make sure dead link don't be so common as it is.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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@@lahelio Report the cdlc and indicate your own link toward the cdlc and we will replace it. If you don't have the CDLC still report and we will contact the author and make sure dead link don't be so common as it is.


So? How this sounds like.


Report All Dead Links to firekorn

Firekorn will then collect all Dead Link songs that need to be revived.

I can offer new links to those songs i have, if and only if, firekorn asks.

I don't offer links to any songs that have major issues.


Should this Dead Link Info still be edited or added to main such?

Could you also check those 9 great songs in main that i have already revived and redirect them to correct place.

I can delete then that part in topic... 

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Born on a Horse by Biffy Clyro crashes before the tuner. You don't even have to start up the song, you just have to be at the menu for it.

Yeah, This one was weird. It worked for me nicely on lead and bass. 


But yes it will crash if you try to play rhytm, but there is no rhytm included, so...

Its minor bug and i will not mark it since rhytm is marked as X (no rhytm) and most likely people will not try it.

I suppose there are many more of these kinds minor bugs.


There are no same namers on this so... If you can't play lead or bass remove old versions of song.

If still issues, test it alone in dlc folder, and add slowly add more songs to sort out which song messes with this song.

If you found out any other song than old version of this song report to me back. I can't play hole archive same time nowdays, so i can't find all conflicted songs alone.


If you like to correct this bug report it to charter, for me this is just too minor bug to take action.

Hope this helps-.

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great post!! i have one to add to the error crash on MAC's Monophonics - Bang Bang. ive tried everything i've read but cant get it to work, any help would be great. i have about 25 cdlc's that work



Sorry i can't help much MAC users since i can't test MAC versions. 

Monophonics - Bang Bang works on PC platform just fine, and its great song to play. In my fav folder. 

You did try repacking on working pc version?

Hope you find more sophisticated and TESTED answers to your issue, in case my guess will not help.

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