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Quick links: The Big List , The Request/WIP Form Introducing...  Request & Work In Progress List 2.0! by @claimore22 & @ForgeOn   Request a song, look up songs already being made, or let ev

There are a lot of completed requests, that still show as "request", there should be an option that if a certain number of people vote as completed, it shows completed, or atleast to edit the request

FAQs   Q: Why, after entering my request/WIP, does it show up for a second and then disappear? A: Our list has a script that automatically checks for duplicates and removes them but this only happens

@@alex 360, you can let me know which song and post the link in this thread and I will update it for you! :)


In the future when the official (hosted by us, not google docs) version of the request/wip list comes out we will be able to have your song updated to "completed" with a link automatically!

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Need Tones sorted for:

(BASS ONLY for now)


Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away 


Primus - Too Many Puppies (Solo needs fix also.)

Backup CDLC link ^^ - should list even the ones that got removed for inactive links...
just restored my ability to login again, so will try to slowly resubmit the missing ones...
and hoping to make a small come-back with some new CDLC ideas...

YAMAHA 4-String 24 Frets - D Standard -> C Standard & D Drop C...

ASHTON - 4-String 21 Frets, E Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down (Nirvana)...

Phoenix? - BASS 21-22 Frets? - 4-in-line Headstock...

Les Paul Special II - Guitar 

After-market Tremolo Bridge + head-stock locking nut thingys --- Free 1994-ish Guitar =   🙂

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90% completed AC/DC - Are you ready? (Just missing the Angus solo, damn guy), will 100% it shortly.




Edit: It is now 100% complete

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@@AtreidesGhola, updated!!


@@QOTSANINSOADKORN, feel free to enter those in the form in the first post of this thread. :)


@@Gnobiwan, awesome! I updated the request to say completed and added your name to the "charter's link" area! If you have a workshop link you would like me to share there, feel free to post it here!


@@michaelbeet, I like some unusual stuff sometimes myself! All musical tastes are welcome! :D


Keep up the good work everyone! :D

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Well look at this:

Iron Man done already (dunno if someone posted it here but I have even 2 versions form SA)
GNR - Nightrain double post
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GNR - Nightrain, duplicate removed!


Deep Purple - Hush, Updated!


As for Iron Man, I remember seeing it before as well but it isn't in the search area here at Customs Forge so the request can remain for now!



Thanks for helping keep this list accurate and up to date, @Alex360!! :D

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@@smirocsmo, "Sunshine of Your Love" and Burning the Midnight Oil" are updated!


Also is "Sail On Soothsayer" the same as "Soothsayer" and would you like me to mark that completed as well?


I saw it in the search area along with many many more of your songs! Nice work!! How do you find the time for them all?! :)

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Sail on Soothsayer it is different song than Soothsayer :)


But I will be posting Sail on Soothsayer just now (I am preparing description now) :)



btw: your question:

well, very hard to find time for customs, so sometimes I do not sleep 2 days...


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well in 1991 my dad was murdered.one of the very few memories i have of him is him playing guitar in his room door closed. i put my ear up to the door and heard a song called "angel baby" by rosie and the originals. i wondered if anybody could make the song with dd so that i could this year play it for my mother who does not yet know of my learning to play. if not thank you for reading my post anyway.

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You're looking for something you can play solo?  Not necessarily exactly what's on the recording?  I just looked at a few video lessons and they vary quite a bit from chord strumming to arpeggios to fingerstyle arrangements that incorporate the vocal melody.  I can probably help you out if you can give me more detail on what you're looking for.

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