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is there a way to edit songs that came with RS? or Remove them?

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Is there a way to edit the songs that came with RS?


I would really like to edit the tuning to Pantera Cemetary gates.

it's a lightly off tuning of E Standard. it's close enough i don't mind just playing it A440 (I think is the standard). it's just kind a pain to have to Retune my song for that one song, then tune it back to play anything else. because of this I haven't even played it over a year. so if I could go in and change ti to E Standard. that would be great.


Also is there a way to remove songs that came with RS2014, or the tracks Imported from RS1? Both have quite a few I have no interest in playing, so I'd to at least remove them from the songs list, but to remove them completely i'd assume would make the game load/play better, right?


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im pretty sure you can unpack the songs.psarc and prune out the songs you dont want.. ive been wanting to do the same exact thing your mentioning for the same reasons! i'll keep poking at it, and let ya know if i find a real solution.


perhaps someone smarter than i (leaving myself WIDE open) could weigh in on this? 

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That is a good thread, imma have to try it. it got me thinking. In Theory, couldn't i make a 'favorites cdlc' and put them in a single file as well? that might be something to look into.

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oh it is in different folders, and soon i'll be organizing it at least by bands inside the folders as well. Eventually possibly even by albums.

But I was thinking if i have 'favorite' songs. that aren't actively maintained. that I always play, why not put them into a single .psarc file?

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