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Latest EOF releases (9-26-2020)

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EOF may have been warning about that slide, but it does appear to export it correctly (the E string slides to fret 7 and the B string slides to fret 9), but the logic that generates the warning needs fixing.

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Hi, folks. I'll be using this thread to maintain the latest versions of EOF in one place. To start, download and extract EOF 1.8RC12: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ih70h6p67iy77ka/eof1.8RC12.zip You

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1378) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Improved GP import to process bend status for grace notes, it will apply a bend strength to the grace note correspo

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1363) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Added a warning during save if any lyrics have extended ASCII or Unicode characters, as these aren't compatible wit

@@raynebc, sure, here it is, also It's doubled markers for a reason I don't know, may be format a bit different?

(it's a folder for another proj, but you need a 321.svl)

by fail I mean it's left first BPM marker set to starting position of the first point and that's all.

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Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (4-21-2016) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:

*Fixed a bug with the previous commit that would cause the spectogram and waveform to be destroyed when performing undo or redo.

*Fixed some warning checks that are performed during save to not incorrectly warn about bend tech notes.

*Fixed a RS2 export bug where if a chord or single note had a length of 1ms and had bend or slide technique applied by a tech note, the corresponding chordnote or note tags would have a sustain of 0ms instead of 1ms.

*Fixed a GP import bug where hammer on or pull off technique from the current note wouldn't be handled correctly if the next note was in a different measure.

*Improved Sonic Visualizer import to ignore labeling data that do not define tempos, where previously the tempo would end earlier than it should.

*Improved the conditional selection functions to allow normal, mute and ghost gem type criteria to be specified when a pro guitar track is active.

*Changed chordify logic so that if a gem in an affected chord has any playable technique, it is written with an ignored single note with a minimum sustain of 1ms to ensure it displays appropriately in-game. The crazy and "high dens" statuses will now be able to force a chordified chord to export as low or high density regardless of the chord's contents (be aware that forcing a chord that has open notes and chordify status to be low density this way can cause graphical glitches in-game). Density changes the height of the chord box (high density -> shorter). Chords that have low density, no playing technique and no sustain status but have choridify status display notes that do not rotate as they approach the front of the screen in-game.

*Fixed a Feedback import bug that could allow drum notes to be given forced HOPO status.

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this came up again




I believe it must be because the chord is accented.  The exact same chart without accent staus on that C#m does not produce it.




Thanks :D



Edit - scratch that, I took out accents and it still does it






I can't understand it, I had earlier test versions that did not do this.


What are the rules on it again?


I am using straight RC11 (no hotfix, sorry I will get around to it) and there is no handshape sustain on the C#m in EoF.



Cheers :D

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No, I wanted them where they are.


I am confused because it worked fine through like 3 test builds, then I accented the last C#m and it done that.  I took off the accent and it still does it.  I can't think of anything else I did that would cause it.



Thanks for the input though :D

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  • Administrator

@PC Plum the problem is that the handshape is stretch to include the muted chord that appear as repeat box. If you want the handshape to be at a controled value, apply the crazy status to the next chord and you can also use the "hi. dens" parameter in the note panel to avoid having the whole chord appearing to keep the same appearance that you have now at the exception of the handshape extension.

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Well thanks, Crazy status worked a treat.


I know what I did.  There were actually string muted A0s between the C#m and the first muted F# chord in my test builds, but I removed them.  The open string would have "reset" auto handshape generation in my test builds.



I knew it would be my fault :lol:

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Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (4-24-2016) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:

*Changed GHWT export so that forced strum notes export with a marker 9 lanes higher than lane 1 to reflect user testing.

*Fixed a bug in RS2 export where a palm/string muted note would lose its sustain even if it should have been kept due to having linknext or sustain status.

**Fixed a bug in RS2 export where single notes may not correctly export for a chord with chordify status.

*Improved editor logic so that when adding linknext status to a note, it is prevented from being given a length that would go beyond the end of the chart.

*Added a check (if RS2 export is enabled) during save so that a warning is given if a note crosses an RS phrase or section boundary, as this can cause problems with dynamic difficulty.

*Fixed a Feedback import bug that could cause the drums and double drums tracks to be combined into one resulting drum track during import. Now the double drums track will be imported to the Phase Shift drum track if it is defined.

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@@raynebc, 4-24 has a bug at copy\paste, it's CTD because of frets\lanes limit
Ii copied notes from higher difficulty and paste to main 0 difficulty(not hangs if paste to same diff, but will hang in another eof? probably kind of array copy opt) and CTD if i paste it in older EOF it will say "Tracks fret limit is exceeded by pasted note's fret value of 47, continue?" + "...tracks higher number... with a gam on 8 lane.." aaand it's paste nothing

something differently wrong :D

4-21 works just fine, notes.eof to play with : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6zOE-7JCxwjTlVpWEllM1hPemM&usp=sharing

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