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Latest EOF releases (9-26-2020)

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Import it onto a different track then copy/paste what you want.  Spare bass track is good for it, just make sure you go to track menu/Rocksmith/arrangement type and change it to lead before you import or your tuning will be messed up.

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Hi, folks. I'll be using this thread to maintain the latest versions of EOF in one place. To start, download and extract EOF 1.8RC12: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ih70h6p67iy77ka/eof1.8RC12.zip You

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1378) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Improved GP import to process bend status for grace notes, it will apply a bend strength to the grace note correspo

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1363) is in the first post. Changes are as follows: *Added a warning during save if any lyrics have extended ASCII or Unicode characters, as these aren't compatible wit

Hi, folks. The latest hotfix (r1378) is in the first post. Changes are as follows:

*Improved GP import to process bend status for grace notes, it will apply a bend strength to the grace note corresponding to how many frets higher the normal note is.

*Improved GP import to add linknext status to sliding grace notes, since this should more accurately reflect the grace notes as a slide-in technique.

*Improved GP import to drop the sustain for staccato notes if the "GP import truncates short notes" preference is enabled and the notes in question don't have any techniques that would require the sustain to be kept.

*Improved GP import to drop string muted notes that are combined with non string muted notes, since Rocksmith's detection of muted notes in chords is poor.

*Improved the menu system so that the mouse doesn't automatically activate submenus unless it is moved.

*Added a "Click to change dialog focus" user preference to indicate whether a click is required to change various dialogs' field focus instead of just mousing over it.

*Improved the automated fret hand position generation logic to allow positions as high as fret 21 to be created, unless either Rocksmith 1 or Rock Band export is enabled (since neither of those games support a FHP higher than 19).

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just missing that little shortkey to add a catalog

If you're able to find any unused keyboard shortcuts that seem like they would be a good fit, let me know. If nothing else, maybe I can put an "Add to catalog" item in the context menu with a hotkey (so you could select notes, right click and press a particular key). The downside to this is that the context menu is only offered when Rex Mundi or Feedback input modes are in use (since in those modes, right click does not toggle a note gem).
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I once made a list of all shortcuts in EOF, which comes in handy now. :)


I'm still in favour of "A" to add catalog, after selecting a note.

and "D" to delete catalog


A is assigned to anchor, but only in the procedure when a beat is selected, not a note,

If a note is selected, "A" does nothing, so it should be usable in this procedure.

( I was wrong, didn't see a beat is always selected sometimes out of screen)



Q = show catalog

W/E=next/previous catalog


This configuration would set all keys for Catalog together, with a simple key, no combination.


As I've shown in a thread I'm using catalog to define phrase, finding identicals or partial identicals with F3/shift F3

I don't use the "rename" catalog, but name the phrases C1, C2 ... for catalog n°1, n°2

Then I gather similar patterns of phrases i.e. C1-C3-C5 into a section.

This way, structuring a track with perfectly working DD becomes child's play, even without listening to the track.


Some simple pop songs have 8 catalog/phrases entries.

but others can have 20 and more (and I hate chain-work ;))

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There is a beat selected at all times in EOF, no exceptions.  That's why the A shortcut can't be dual-purposed that way.  I could pair it with the other catalog related keys, such as any of the following:




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Ok, I worked myself through the 150 shortcuts :wacko: , and would suggest 

"S" to add (set a catalog), "S" is only used during playback (with space)

"D" to delete 


if direct keys don't work :

shift+W to add catalog

shift+E to delete catalog

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It would be problematic to use the S key, but SHIFT+W should work fine.  All combinations of the E key are already in use though, but deleting catalog entries would done less often anyways.  CTRL+W seems to be available though.

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I noticed a bug in EoF: chords with a duration of a sixteenth note are truncated to 1ms, even with the truncate short notes preference off.

I can't reproduce that. When I make a GP file with 16th, 32nd and 64th chords, each is imported with an appropriate duration. If you're sure that GP import preference is disabled when this import happens, please send me the GP file in question so I can test it.


grace note is not imported if it starts at the beginning of the tab..

That's expected for a "before the beat" grace note, but an "on the beat" grace note would be allowed to import. The only way such a thing could be shown in Rocksmith is to insert one or more beats at the beginning of the chart to accommodate it, and you can do that in the GP file before importing, or after importing it into EOF.
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i have a problem,can you help me plz ?

i try to add phrases/sections and when i save it says:


Warning: There is no COUNT phrase, but the first beat marker already has a


You should move that phrase because only one phrase per beat is exported.

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i added one bar at start of the GP tab for the grace note and now...

i got this error and i don't know where to add the intro phrase/section because the grace note is at the first bar and...

i know there is an option to do Push Offset Back...but it changes all the tab...

is there any other way to fix it/help me ?

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