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Found 6 results

  1. Im here to try to find someone who might be able to create a mod to play rs2014 online. Im able to pay any costs that the developer will need
  2. Here's a quick tutorial on how I record using Shadowplay. The good thing about Shadowplay is as it uses your graphics card to encode the videos you get very little FPS drop so this will be beneficial to lower spec machines. 1st. First thing you'll want to do is locate your recording devices, usually by right-clicking the sound icon at the bottom right in your taskbar and selecting "Recording Devices". http://i.imgur.com/yhk1UvA.jpg 2nd. Next you'll want to make sure your Stereo Mix is set to Default Device and Default Communications Device. If you don't see Stereo Mix here select Show Disabled Devices. http://i.imgur.com/kH7U1zy.png 3rd. Once you have that sorted head into your Shadowplay settings through GeForce Experience (required to use Shadowplay) and set your microphone to always on. 5th. Click on the Shadowplay button up the top right to bring it up. 6th. Lastly you'll need to set the audio to be recorded from In-Game & Microphone. The reason this is done is due to Rocksmith taking control of your audio devices just selecting "In-game" will get no sound. But because you've set your Stereo Mix to Default Communication device the microphone that is recorded is your game sound. It sounds backwards but it really works and this allows you to keep Audio Exclusivity on, resulting in lower latencies. I would recommend setting your recording mode to Manual so you can stop and start your recordings yourself. http://i.imgur.com/n2UpZDD.png Here are my Rocksmith.ini settings for Audio. And that's it. You should recording very easily now.
  3. Hi, I'm new to RS2014 (Remastered version on PC - Steam) and having a quite annoying issue with it. Songs from RS2012 are not available. I checked the dlc folder. I have the rs1compatibilitydlc_p-psarc file but don't have the rs1compatibilitydisc_p.psarc one. According to what I found on the Internet, I have to own RS2012. So I bought RS2012. New thing now is, when I lauch the game, I have a message telling me it detected I own RS2012 and inviting me to buy/import RS2012 songs. If I select OK, steam store opens and I don't have nothing concerning RS2014 or 2012... Same if I go to the RS2014 store in the game (not the steam one). I tried to reinstall the game (folders have been deleted). It's the same. Don't know if it's important but CDLC work fine. I tried to remove them, including the dll, it's the same. So, could anybody help me please? Thanks.
  4. I'd like to bring back to rocksmith 2014 lost feature from RS1 its a gigs, most of us loved to play couple songs in a row at real nonstop play instead 5 sec delay etc.If someone know how to mod RS2014 and how to bring this back - let us know I need your help guys and gals.
  5. Thinking about moving to a laptop from my desktop for playing Rocksmith on the move but not sure which laptops will be able to run RS without spending a fortune. Can anybody who is using a laptop for RS2014 please list the Laptop they use and maybe a quick word on how well it runs and whether you have to reduce graphic settings etc. to be able to play. Hopefully we can get a helpful list of laptops to help myself and others make a choice. Thanks in advance.
  6. did someone try to plug in his lap steel guitar in RS2014? does it work?
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