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Found 12 results

  1. English below Hola a todos, Como sabéis, al jugar a Rocksmith, las canciones empiezan siendo tocadas con pocas notas sueltas, y a medida que aumentas tu porcentaje, se van añadiendo más notas y acordes. Pues bien, resulta que ,salvo canciones de Héroes del Silencio recientemente subidas, me he dado cuenta que todas las canciones descargadas se tocan a nivel experto, es decir, con todas las notas y acordes y a velocidad normal. Lo curioso es que después de tocar cuando te dicen de "subir nivel con el repetidor de riff en X partes", al ejecutarlo no me abre. Sólo me lo abre en los DLC's oficiales del Rocksmith. ¿Alguno sabe lo que tengo qué hacer? ¿O si es necesario instalar otro parche para habilitar esa función? Gracias de antemano Hi everybody, As you know, when you are playing Rocksmith for the first time, the different songs are played with a few notes, which are become in more notes and chords when the level is improved. Well, I have realized that this only happens with the official tracks of Rocksmith, but not with the CDLC's. On the other hand, the option "improve level in X part of the song through Riff Repeater", which appears after playing a song to improve it, does not work using CDLC's. Does anybody know what must I do to fix both problems? Is it necessary to install another patch? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello dear forum mates. My issue is with a specific CDLC song: Itoshisa wa fuhai ni tsuki - dir en grey When I try to select a certain part to practice in riff repeater i cant select it at all. Oddly enough it works when i select lead guitar and NOT rhythm guitar. I think its the c.psarc file itself. Its called DIR-EN-GREY_Itoshisa-wa-Fuhai-ni-Tsuki_v1_p.psarc and i found it here on the forum. I've really wanted to learn the riffs of this song for years and now when i finally got the chance i cant repeat the riffs! PLS HALP
  3. Hey there, pretty new to editing/creating cdlc files so I'm pretty lost. Some songs in my library that I've downloaded don't have any riff repeater sections, making certain parts difficult to learn. I've been playing around with eof and the rocksmith toolkit to try and edit files to include sections but to little avail. Has anyone tried doing this? Thanks for any help Edit: Found a tool that does exactly what I need to do. It can also sync up notes if need be! It's called the BPR tool and it super easy to use. Here is a link: http://customsforge.com/topic/15687-beats-phrases-resynchronizer/page-1 Thanks to Chlipouni for making it!
  4. I've made a few custom dlc so far but all have had the same issue. Riff Repeater does not work, I have split the songs into sections as described by this tutorial: http://customsforge.com/topic/10520-creating-cdlc-tutorial-making-sections/ but when I go into the riff repeater and select one of those sections, nothing happens. The song does not play and the notes do not show up. Any ideas? Edit: I just want to say that the songs are fully functional when not using riff repeater.
  5. So, I've gone through and used the Dynamic Difficulty Creator, but I'm faced with another problem - most of the songs that once lacked Dynamic Difficulty also lacked section markers. Which means, as a result, when I enter the Riff Repeater, it's either the whole song or none of it. Is there a way to retrieve files from the CDLC pack to add section markers to break up a song?
  6. I find being able to speed a passage up past it's actual tempo very valuable for getting something under my fingers. Does anyone know how to modify Riff Repeater so that it the speed setting can go past 100% ? Would this be easy to do or basically impossible?
  7. Hello, My name is Ben and I have recently made a few CDLCs. However, some people have been requesting dynamic difficulty, and I know that there is a Creator that does it for you in RS Toolkit, but I can't figure out how to seperate the song into phrases. Can anyone help me? If so, that would be awesome
  8. Sometimes the parts in the riff repeater are too long for me and I want to adjust them. I know that there are the brackets [ ] which I can use to mark the section I want to repeat but sometimes RS doesn't allow me to select only one section and I have to repeat a bigger section. I know that the authors of the songs grouped the repeatable sections in their context but I really need to narrow my parts. Any suggestions? Sincerely yours Memo...
  9. I have just starting creating CDLCs for Rocksmith and I'm having a blast. Most of you are light-years ahead of me in terms of EOF knowledge, but I thought I would share this anyway in case it helps someone else out there who is starting out. Please chime in with any corrections or additions to my thoughts below. Over the past year, I have found the Riff Repeater to be critical to my use and enjoyment of Rocksmith. So, in creating CDLCs, I want to make sure that RR works in each of the songs. (I know that many of you also utilize the Dynamic Difficulty option, but I have not found it to be very useful myself and I find the procedure for coding CDLCs with quality DD to be difficult). Unfortunately, I have spent many hours over the past few weeks trying to get RR to work correctly in my songs. Many times, some sections of the song are inaccessible. I searched these forums and the internet for answers and thought I was following the right procedure, but I was having very inconsistent results. After doing quite a few experiments over the past few days I discovered my problem. It turns out that, in all cases where I was having a problem, a note at the start of the section was not snapped to the corresponding beat. I thought that they all were, but they were one or two thousands of a second ahead of the beat. It was hard to tell unless you looked very, very closely. I didn't discover this visually, but by examining the .XML file with a text editor as Chlipouni suggested in a post earlier this year. I have no idea how, through the editing process, the notes could end up being slightly off beat. From now on, I will always have the Menu/Song/Highlight Non Grid Snapped Notes option turned on in the menu. That is a very useful feature of EOF. If you find that you have this problem, the solution is easy - set your Grid Snap to 1/32, select all of the notes in the track (CTRL+A), and use the Note/Resnap command. Also, I confirmed that you cannot start a section in the middle of a sustained note, if there are no other tracks with a note on that beat. This is not a problem if you have a note on another track on the same beat. One more thing - starting on beats other than 1 was not an problem for me. I know that others have said to make sure and start a section on the first beat, but I have not found that to be an issue. Thanks to all of you for your help in these forums - this is an amazing community.
  10. I have a log that I track every song I riff repeat begening to end. I write it down in a notebook I have with the title of the song, artist, rythm or lead and the date. I also put a note to the side of what techniques the song is teaching me. I keep every song at 100% difficulty I just adjust the speed according to how challenging the song is. Example: Metallica - Jump in the Fire (Rythm) (Palm mutes, Power chords, alternate picking) 12/19/14 - 75% Speed - 10 Notes Missed 12/20/14 - 75% Speed - 8 Notes Missed I usually stick to 5 songs at a time because the goal is to use a song as a lesson and play it as much as you can. There are so many cdlc's here that can be constructivly used to help us improve its just how you do it, I find playing at a slow pace can get boring but its so effective. Thats why by having a journal of what your playing makes it more fun and interesting. I look at my book and only have 7 songs logged right now. But I wonder how much im going to improve once the book is filled to the end or even halfway. Everyone has their own way. I thought I would just share with you guys!
  11. I can't seem to get my sections to appear in Riff Repeater, this is what it looks like in Rocksmith http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/MissingSections_zpsd4427af8.jpgAs you can see it all appears as one section (But Phrases appear fine). Before anyone tells me to check out the tutorials, I already did. Plus I included RR in my previous 34 CDLCs, and never encountered this error before. In EoF I always make my Sections, then I use DDC to generate all of the phrases this always works for me. But for some odd reason the sections just don't want to appear. I figured I should post it here and see if anyone ever had this problem. Also, here is evidence that I did include Sections in EoF. http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/EOFEvents_zps0a8d9d55.jpgI would appreciate any help.
  12. Wondering if it is possible in RR to have the 'Auto continue' feature move on to the very next section of the song and loop that, while maintaining your current speed and difficulty level, rather than instantly going to 100% and playing out the rest of the song? Hope this makes sense. Thanks Ben
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