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Found 9 results

  1. ok... finally i drew a diagram of my setup; i got asked a lot about using real amp and how to get that mixed with the Rocksmith sound, so here is how i do it Guitar or Bass is connected to Input of the Bigshot ABY (100€) -- Output A - RS Cable to USB of PC -- Output B goes to Input of a Cheap ABY Switch (30€) -- Output A - Input of Line 6 Spider IV Guitar Amp (110€) with Line6 FBV Express MKII Floorboard (100€) or a Bass Amp with LineOut (!) (100€) - as i am using the bass amp rarely cause the Z24 has bass amp modulation i switch between guitar and bass manually by plugging when needed or i already did set it up with switches i don´´t remember lol - lineout of amp goes to Digitech Trio+ Pedal with Footswitch (300€) - all in one Band Creator, you play a guitar sequence, it plays bass and drums, best pedal on earth - that goes to Input 1 of... -- Output B goes straight to Input 2 of... ... ZOOM R24 hardware mixer/recorder (used 220€) - LineOut to LineIn of Audiocard of PC - Lineout goes to Audio Receiver - to -- 5.1 Audio Speakers or -- Headphones Why? 1) I don´t like the RS tones and i don´t like any any any lag - i have my amptones mixed in perfectly and can use the footswitch of the amp for switching amp modes, volume control and Wah. The Guitar Tone in RS is muted (mixer) and as the tone of the amp goes to linein of Pc after the Mixer I have one Output signal to my speakers 2) Full and absolute volume Control: I don´t like unmatching volumes. Guitar Volume can be instantly controlled by the volumeswitches on the Zoom and/or the foot pedal of the amp. If songvolume is too low/high, that can be instantly controlled over the audio receivers switch. I never have to enter any damn menu or use my mouse for that. 3) i can always and instantly record my played guitar playing by just pressing record on input 1 on the Zoom for Amp audio od pressing record on input 2 on Zoom for the dry un-amped signal, or record the mixed signal with RS - audio by pressing record on the PC. 4) Absolutely no setupchange required when playing disconnected just over the amp. I always just turn power on, plug the instrumentcable into guitar and play. 5) I am a fan of Hardware-Recording. i tried with multiple Software DAWs but that makes it all very complicated for me. So i ended up with the Zoom R24 that features unlimited projects, 24 track recording, amps and effects for guitar, bass and voice, a drum computer and mastering. I have got my also my keyboard, a vocal mic, a instrument mic for cajones/flutes/harp/ocarinas or whatever of the instruments i can play even less than guitar to have a lot of fun with my kids or alone. It´s also connected to my PC via USB so i can quickly import eg Ultimate Guitar background tracks to record my guitar line over that, or just a drumtrack or vice versa. 6) If i need to me quiet i can have all of the above via headphones by plugging those into the Audio Receiver, no setup needed 7) For what it does it´s relatively cheap, given the fact that you already own headphones and speakers and a PC with line-in and your instrument(s) the above was about 1k€ for me, you can pass on the Trio+, go for a ZoomR8 or R16 and only a bass or guitar amp with line-out (!) and pass on the floorboard and will be at 400-500$/€ That´s my setup grown over 9 years of RS, if anybody needs setup help (also the windows soundcard settings to get the mix sent to lineout) or tips or has a tip for improvement just shout. Rod.
  2. Created a custom song. Added 3 seconds of leading silence in EOF. When I play that back it is fine. When I generate the file and put it into rocksmith, the audio track starts immediately and is out of sync with fret board. Can someone help me know what I did wrong.
  3. So I've had RockSmith going on the trifecta of systems since the original RockSmith, that is on Xbox, PC, and on a Mac. When RockSmith2014 hit the streets, it *felt* at the time (especially on the Xbox) that there was more latency in the game (especially processing time to produce sound, so string time to sound felt super laggy)- to remedy this I created this setup: Guitar/Bass ---> Lehle Sunday Driver ---> Lehle P-Split ---> RockSmith Cable to PC/Xbox/Mac |---> Cable to AMP Then when I play the game I turn down the instrument sound completely, and only have the song play via the computer or game console. The guitar or bass sound ONLY comes live from the AMP. (Sometimes I run this into another computer or pedals to get a tone effect since I'm not getting the tone from the game at that point.) Does anyone else do anything similar to this? What hardware do you use? I've found I'm pretty happy with Lehle, and I can get quite a few tones/effects from Native Instruments Guitar Rig when I really want the processing or effects. Anyways, just thought I'd ask, I was just curious...
  4. Hello Everyone, so I've been playing Rocksmith 2014 on PC for over a year now and I absolutely love it due to this community and the openness of the program compared to when I played it on PS3. Anyways, I just switched headphones recently and I've noticed that there is a slight delay when I play a note and when I hear it on RS. Since these headphones don't do a great job at isolating outside sounds, it's very difficult to play fast passages cleanly. Does anyone know how I can fix this through audio settings? Or any tips? Thanks, Ben
  5. When I start a song ( from a custom dlc ) the music freeze every time. What can i do to solve the probleme ? Ps: sorry for my bad english :)
  6. I havent really had any issues with rocksmith for a long time untill now. I thoght maybe it was due to rocksmith cdlc so i deleted all of it but it still doesnt work properly ive also tried updating my graphics card but that doesnt help the problem either. The issue is that the game goes reaaaallly slow even though the only thing that is running is rocksmith. whats weird is that games that require higher graphics work just fine and no lag like mmos such as swor. so im not quite sure what the problem is..but at the moment since its going super slow i cant play a song without lossing because of the lag
  7. Hello all, The very helpful fellows over in this thread have got me swapped over from XBOX to Steam with RS2014 for a measley £7 and a little bit of learning. So, I am delighted overall with things but the game is suffering from audio lag, and this makes it very difficult to play! I wonder if any of you guys are using RS2014 with Win8 successfully, as the blurb only mentions that Win7 is supported. If I need to upgrade the board or whatever else, then that's fine. Also, I would even downgrade to Win7 if that's what i need to do. Attached are my specs - I checked before buying the game from Steam and they exceed the minimums. http://eppc001.ddns.net/img/system.PNG Thanks! Nick.
  8. http://s12.postimg.org/zchpg3wgp/laksdjflksd.jpg I'm wondering what's everyone's settings because mine are here as shown and I know this has to do with computer specs as well but ever since the game came out I've been struggling with making it sound right and I'm tired of it. I've read countless forums and tweaked here and there but now I just want to know yours and I'll input those numbers and see which one works for me but for now I see no lag which was a problem long ago for me. My sound get's distorted sometimes, loud unnecessary ringing, hit a single string and another sometimes plays with an annoying ring, on palm mutes my sound goes crazy sometimes I have to lower guitar volume on certain songs, of course all these scenarios are with different numbers input. The settings I have now are so low and by that I mean the latency buffer at - 1 and the Max Output buffer at - 768 because if I go higher now for some reasons I get the damn crackling which is weird... Anyway, I'm tired of tweaking and would appreciate any help.
  9. Hi ! When i play some songs at 100 % speed i have video lag! Any thoughts?
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