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  1. just wondering if anyone has figured out how to run cdlc on a 360 without modding the console?
  2. I have had Rocksmith (2014) for a while now and everything was working fine. I had successfully downloaded many CDLC's and was able to run them perfectly fine. But recently, when i tried to get some more CDLC's, none of them work. I followed the instructions as shown in this video The CDLC's i downloaded before are still working fine, but none of the new ones show up. The last time it worked was about a month ago. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Has anyone had the same problem? Please Help :( Thanks :D
  3. Currently working on the titled - here's the file: REMOVED Signed Cherub Rock, PC Anyone want to test it out? I'm still working on a tone and a few cleanups (and a bass track) but Lead and Rhythm are done. Thanks! ---------------------- Didn't get any feedback, but I put up Release Candidate 1: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/the-sound-of-truth-r6884
  4. Can't find an answer to this, thought I am sure it's here somewhere. What's the situation with cdlc and tones. If a cdlc is downloaded will it sometimes have a custom tone with it, do I need to get custom tones somewhere separately, do cdlc use a tone from the game that is as close as possible, do I just need to select the closet tone that's already in rs2014 and if so are there suggestions for these or can I just not use custom tones with cdlc? Think I have exhausted all the possibilities I can think of above :) Cheers
  5. Hello guys, First of all thanks for creating this amazing website... My problem is that I've downloaded some CDLC songs and when I'm trying to play them I get stuck on a screen and It won't move from that point, does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Okay so let me explain in detail about exactly what my situation is: I am in EoF, i have my chart all done. I want to use one tone only in my entire song. (i have taken one from the ace of spades). I go to 00:01 in the song and put a Tone Change there and i name it "X". Now since EoF requires at least two tones for that, i go to the end of the song and add a Tone Change named "Y". Now i will set "X" tone as default one. Save the project, and lets go to toolkit. I go add a bass arrangement. It comes out as "Bass [E Standard] (X,Y). Perfect. Everything seems fine. I fill out the rest of the slots and we're now at Tone part of the Toolkit. I click edit on "X". I select "Load Tone" and i import the Ace of Spades one. The Tone information get changed to the one from the tone so change it back to "X" because it has to be named the same as in EoF. I edit "Y" and i put just a random amp to it. Doesnt matter since i put it there just to get around EoF's system. I click generate. Tells me its Arrangement has been changed, i click yes. I copy over the CDLC, start the song up... Nothing. I see the speakers change to the same ones, no pop-up message saying "BASS" tone is in effect, effect is still default. Anyone knows what im doing wrong? EDIT: "X" and "Y" are just placeholders for easier reference in the text of wall. I actually have them properly named.
  7. Hi! Are there still custom songs for Rocksmith (2012)? Due to the steam sale I thought buying this game would be a great idea since Rocksmith 2014 is such a great game. I really like Rocksmith 1 too, but it would be awesome if there is also an opportunity to play custom songs. Thanks in advance!
  8. Every time I press the generate button on the toolkit it shows an error saying a bunch of stuff like my X360 file cant be loaded and a bunch of other stuff, but I unchecked the Xbox 360 box so why is it saying that?
  9. Hey guys I'm Matthew (Masheen) I finally with the help of a few guys Alex and Replicators got to where I can successfully put out CDLC's. I'm very experienced with writing music both guitar tabs and sheet music. So If any of you guys have any songs that may need editing, assuming I have access to the tabs, I should be able to get it accurate. So far I have made a few songs and here's the list. I thought I would start off with some death metal as there isn't alot but i'm open to anything. I will add to this list as I create more and more. Also if you know any psarcs that have exceptional tones I'll be glad to use them as well. Download Link: http://www.filedropper.com/mattscreatedpsarcs *If it does not work please let me know I'll update it.* Artist | Song ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Amaranthe | The Nexus Decapitated | Day 69 Decapitated | Post Organic Despised Icon | Les Temps Changent Killswitch Engaged | Self Revolution Nile | Permitting the Noble Dead to Descent to the Underworld Septic Flesh | Anubis Zonaria | Arrival of the Red Sun Zonaria | The Blood That Must Be Paid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Link: http://www.filedropper.com/behemoth *If it does not work please let me know I'll update it.* Behemoth | Shemaforash Behemoth | The Seed Ov I Behemoth | Ov Fire and the Void Behemoth | Daimonos ------------------------------------------ EDIT: I've got more on the way. I am compiling mistakes in these songs to correct them. If you notice any please be sure to let me know. Try to be detailed and organized about it. Also let me know if you guys need more info above such as tuning.. Etc.. and I will be sure to add them in.
  10. hello everyone! I am trying to get cdlc songs for rocksmith on my xbox 360 and wondering if any one has managed to successfully do this. im not sure how to get the cdlc onto my usb drive so rocksmith will load it. any able to help me out with getting this to work?
  11. This is my first CDLC (Koichi Korenaga - Let me Go, Let You Go) and I feel it still needs work. The tones at least need some help. The transcription isn't my own work. I received it as a Christmas gift. The work was done by Simon Revill. I personally think he did an awesome job. Here's a link to the current version. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Koichi-Korenaga_Let-Me-Go-Let-You-Go_v1_p.psarc I'm going to place a request on the testers thread. But anyone who feels like it, please take a look and give me some feedback. I love this song so I really want to get this right. Thanks. Almost forgot, currently PC only. Edited to fix incorrect link.
  12. hi, i saw/found that there is a way to make CDLC playlists by cozy1cgi: https://sites.google.com/site/cozy1cgi/tutorial-6 there are many steps to do it and it is a bit hard to me to understand everything by words... i wanted to ask,can some someone make and upload video on YouTube (tutorial) how to do it and also post it here please ? thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, I'd like to announce a small project I created about a month ago. This project, named Customs Push, is a web app which allows you to be notified via the push service Pushbullet when a CDLC for an artist you are interested in has been released or updated on CustomsForge. To use the service, head on over to http://customspush.com and authenticate either using your Steam or Google account. Once you've logged in, you can add artists and select criteria such as platform or instruments in the Config -> Filter section. You'll then need to activate your Pushbullet account in the Config -> Pushbullet section. The web app will check for new releases on CustomsForge every 30~60 minutes, sending notifications immediately after checking. For those who would rather have this type of service running on their local machine, please check out my desktop version here: https://github.com/JakeH/CustomsForgeNotifier This is not the same codebase as the web app and since the web app is my main priority, future functionality of the web app may not be duplicated into the desktop version. Please let me know if you find any oddities or if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Jake
  14. I've searched for variations of terminology and have not found a post similar to what I'm about to ask - apologies if it has been covered already. I've noticed that some CDLC has an inconsistent note highway speed. It surges forward as the notes pass the strings. The issue is intensified, in some cases, when lots of fretting is going on. Other CDLC does not seem to have this issue and the original content also does not do this. Is this just a result of poor authoring, or is there something I can adjust on my system (Steam) to compensate for some sort of lag?
  15. I've done everything required and it's still not working. I downloaded D3DX9_42.dll and put it in the Rocksmith2014 folder, I have Cherub Rock (as well as that I have the Smashing Pumpkins song pack and the Rush II Song Pack), I've restarted my computer, I've verified game cache twice, I've restarted Steam, nothing. I'm using Windows 10 if that matters. Please help.
  16. OS: Win7 Ultimate, 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-6100 AV: Microsoft Security Essentials .NET Framework version: 4.6.1 I'm running the beta that I just downloaded a little over an hour ago. The first thing I did was run the bulk repair with these settings: Skip Previously Repaired CDLC: Yes (but again, first time running it) Add DD (if not already present): Yes Repair 100% Mastery Bug: Yes Preserve existing song stats: Yes Run Repair using (.org) files: No Ignore Multitone Exceptions: No Repair Maximum Playable Arrangements: No Of the 271 files processed, 224 were skipped because they were ODLC (I verified this by checking the "Repair Status" contents afterward). So that leaves us with 47 CDLC; 39 of those repaired without errors and I assume they're good to go. The remaining eight failed for four different reasons which I've included below; I left off the song names 'cause I don't know whether that's kosher or not, but if a mod can confirm that it's OK I can provide them if it'll help. The first failure reason (which accounts for five of the eight failures) is: Repair failed ... Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\CustomsForgeSongManager\RocksmithToolkitLib.TuningDefinition.xml' is denied. I'm a bit confused by this, as I just installed the application (over the previous release, if that matters) and then ran it from the prompt at the end of the installer. Presumably it's running as the same user that installed the files, so I can't imagine why it wouldn't be able to read that file. I checked the security settings for the file and its containing directory and everything looks good. The other three failures (one CDLC each) are: Repair failed ... ww2ogg process error. Audiokinetic Wwise RIFF/RIFX Vorbis to Ogg Vorbis converter 0.19 by hcs Input C:\Users\Winston Smith\AppData\Local\Temp\song_name_goes_here_p_Pc\audio\windows\888109081.wem Parse error: unknown chunk type This looks like it might be a showstopper; it's too bad because I really wanted to learn that one and it's too hard for me to use the original version of the CDLC that doesn't have DD, but...it is what it is. Repair failed ... There is tone name error in XML Arrangement Bass bassir is not properly defined.Use EOF to re-author custom tones or Notepad to attempt manual repair.I'm not afraid of a little recreational text editing; is this something I can fix myself with minimal handholding? Repair failed ... Maximum playable arrangement limit exceeded This last one I actually sort of understand from previous things I've read on the forums. What I'm curious about here is whether there's a "recommended" or "safest" way to resolve this, or do I just need to pick which instruments I can live without and delete them? Was this something to do with a weird way of doing Dynamic Difficulty? I'm fuzzy on the details and I can't find the original post where I read about this before.
  17. I can understand that it seems like everyone has this issue, but mine is very peculiar. I've done what every thread on the first five pages of Google have suggested me to do, and yet, I still get stuck at the screen after tuning. I've tried multiple D3DX9_42.dll files, even while trying to put them in the root and dlc folders, but nothing has worked. The weird thing is, I've gotten it to work before. I recently performed a fresh Windows install on my computer, as a result of multiple malicious programs eating up my RAM. Now that I've reinstalled however, nothing seems to be working.
  18. Eyyy! My CDLC's appear ingame in Rocksmith but when I press play and tune the guitar it stops, it wont go further... Anyone who can help me?
  19. gizmo

    Gizmo Workshop

    Блок питания порушил мне всю систему вместе с одним из хардов на котором собсна были все все наработки, за сим всё придётся делать заново, но не задолго до этого я успел сделать небольшой бэкап всех наработок и готовых кастомов. Вес порядка 1гб Список демо кастомов в сборке Rocksmith 2014 Edition Rocksmith 2012 Edition
  20. Hi ! I would like to know if it is possible to modify the tuning of a CDLC? I love Sabaton, but many CDLCs have different tunings. And some tunings have absolutely ugly audio rendering. (and with my 4-string bass, the sound is not very good for tunings like the A220). So, just for my personal pleasure (and also to avoid having to constantly re-tune when I make 100% Sabaton streams), I would like to see it is it possible to simply modify the tuning of the CDLC? I obviously have the Psarc files, but I have absolutely no knowledge of the art of modding. thank you !
  21. Hi, I'm new to Sourceforge and it's a incredible place for Rocksmith and guitar players. I'd like to download a lot of songs from Ignition, but I only achieve to do it one after the other. So I'd like to know if there's a way to download multiple songs at once? I read Collections are used to follow songs changes. Is there a way to download or update all songs in a collection? Thanks.
  22. I am relatively new to this but I have searched everything in every way possible and I feel I must be either missing something completely or there is a need for this content still. You have an amazing site and database of songs here that I have been exploring for about 2 weeks now. I am finding it hard to believe that with such an amazing library of songs there is 0 Warren Haynes or Gov't Mule songs here. I have not even begun to scratch the surface of creating content, I am just now getting the hang of using the content. I m learning as fast as I can. Just curious is anyone else working on Gov't Mule or Warren Haynes? I don't know if I can add any value but I am willing to help if I can. I never miss them when they are in town. Gov't Mule - Shine on You Crazy Diamond Live cover
  23. Hey guys. I'm experiencing a problem with some of the cdlc I'm trying to play. I can load up the song normally fine but dependant on the cdlc, the screen only shows something like fret 1 to 7 (for example) and doesn't move with the rest of the track. Other cases I have it all the way up at 12 to 21 etc.. meaning I can see when and what I'm supposed to be playing.. :/ Any way to fix this? (It's not happening to my cdlc, it's happening to other cdlc I've downloaded) it is such a shame because it's happening on my favourite songs. :/ - Thanks.
  24. How is the difficulty calculated? If I sort by difficulty, crazy things like In Flames and Dream Theater show up somewhere between Angela and Blitzkrieg Bop... Is it a number set somewhere? Is it calculated from the number of notes? Does DD play a facotr?
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